How Master Manipulators Conceal Their Intentions

You may have experienced someone’s seemingly inauthentic ways of being overly likable and kind. Though there was nothing wrong with the actions they took and the words they said, your intuition told you not to trust them. The scariest thing about the most skillful, and sociopathic, manipulators, is that there often seems to be nothing explicitly wrong with the actions they take and the words they say. A lesson any conscious, and skilled, manipulator learns early on, is one of always concealing their intentions. Being inconspicuous is a defining part of being manipulative. It is for this basic reason that all skilledContinue reading

How to Kindly Reject Help from Someone

Though life isn’t exactly full of them, you’ll come across some incredibly kind people on the way toward your goals. Friends you make whilst traveling will let you stay at their place for a couple of nights, after your flight back home gets canceled. Some, will come to the rescue when your engine fails on the freeway. Others, will answer your call to check up on your elderly father’s health whilst you’re out of town. You’ll discover, that though the maliciousness you experience is sometimes demotivating, others’ kindness will never seize to take your breath away. Some people are extraordinarilyContinue reading

How to Attract People by Making Them Feel Comfortable

How do you feel right now? Are you comfortable? Perhaps you’re reading this while sitting in a comfortable position around those who bring comfort to your life. Others may be reading this on their commute to work for instance, where they’re neither physically or psychologically comfortable being themselves. The people we choose to surround ourselves with after a hard day’s work tend to make us feel comfortable. We find some people easier to open up to whilst sharing our deeper feelings or desires. Your ability to bring comfort to others’ hectic lives is a powerful tool in attracting people. If you’re goodContinue reading

be careful about being repetitive with the lessons that you teach

Why They’ll Listen Less the More You Sing

You’ll learn many truths on your journey to expand your knowledge. Truth often feels like growth, and sometimes serves to alleviate the various pains of daily life. You’ll learn hard lessons which are brought on by making mistakes. You’ll hurt others on your way to truth, and perhaps you’ll hurt yourself. Upon discovering your truths, you’ll feel a desire to spread them. You’ll see others in similar situations as yourself, and will want to deliver guidance. In an effort to validate and test your truth, you’ll want to present it to the world. You’ll package it into easy-to-digest lessons in anContinue reading

How to Deal With People Who Always Make Excuses

In your journey toward developing mental strength, you’ll begin to recognize times when people lack it. It can be a frustrating realization, akin to seeing greener grass over a hilltop which most can’t get their heads above. You will feel misunderstood in your reactions to people’s excuses, as these excuses signify truth within their minds. In yours, the varying excuses they present may be a sign of mental weakness. You will begin to realize that people’s core beliefs hold convenient excuses in high regard. It will become evident that excuses are created and told, to both ourselves and others, inContinue reading

How to Mitigate (Warranted) Anger From a Group of People

Once you attain large enough influence in life, every action you commit will be subject to public scrutiny. The tips you’ll read in this article are unsurprising by nature. However, these fundamentals are difficult to master, and you should attempt to strictly abide to these simple processes of mitigating things gone awry. You may be a target of an angered group for various reasons in life. As the ventures you partake in increase in seriousness, the consequences for any actions that you or the ones around you commit will naturally be publicized by the limelight. Let’s take the approach of analyzingContinue reading

Why There Is No Winning When on a Quest for Peace

You’ll find yourself in positions of defending others in life. Your friends will find themselves in altercative situations, your elderly parents will have their parking spot stolen, and your kids will be bullied at school. As someone who strives to become a leader in the community you foster and propel toward growth, you’ll be looked to for protection. Your kids will come home with tears running down their face, and your frail old parents will make you feel regret for not being there to protect them against malice. This article is about your conduct in the face of a threatContinue reading

You can use online anonymity to make lasting changes in the world you live. Utilize this privilege to improve the lives of others.

Why Online Anonymity Should Make You More Positive

The incidence of negative dialogue within online communities is common when its users maintain their anonymity. People feel protected by anonymity, and experience fewer social barriers in sharing their – perhaps hurtful – opinions. The ability to express displeasure is an important aspect of anonymity. It allows for an honest discussion of ideas, and encourages a communal search for some of the harshest truths. Habits form quickly when we’re blind to their formation however, and some people make spreading negativity online a habit. You’ve likely experienced hurtful dialogue along with other darker social behaviors online, and can draw from your own experienceContinue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Shame the Owners of Bad Ideas

This article is written from the context of agreeing to action an idea someone else proposed, only for things to not play out as planned. Just as not all of our own ideas are perfect, the people around you will propose improperly thought out plans. We sometimes find ourselves being let down after agreeing to abide by someone else’s plan. It may be going to the theme park without checking the weather report, only to be rained on. It can also entail your teenage daughter selecting to attend a university program which she later regrets attending. In times of being letContinue reading

Why a Divine Connection Is a Powerful, but Cheap, Method in Maintaining Influence

Religious dialogue is still very much a part of what people say. “Thank God,” goes through the minds of those who narrowly escape being hit by a car. People who are astonished by a happening in front of them often exclaim their surprise with an, “Oh my God!” Some people however, tend to take it a step further. They begin attributing their success to being favored by whichever God they believe in. They begin alluding to the fact that their success is a part of, “God’s plan,” and that there isn’t much that anyone can do, other than God, to bring themContinue reading