Why It’s Useful to Be in Tune With Others’ Problems

One of the essential realizations of a growing young adult is the expansion of empathy towards the lives of others. We begin to realize that other people are not just obstacles presenting themselves during our daily routine, but themselves have their own routines, goals, dreams, and journeys. Developing a sense of understanding which places you in the shoes of another is essential to attaining the trust of others. The approach of gaining people’s trust by becoming in tune with the issues that they’re dealing with and offering solutions seldom fails. When dealing with others in the professional or business environment,Continue reading

Blank arguments only lead to undesired realms of confrontation and verbal sparring.

Why You Should Recognize and Retreat From Blank Arguments

A common practice of people who do not like you, for whatever reason, is to have a tendency to disagree with anything you say if they can manage to. When you have lost reputation in the mind of another, they will send blank arguments your way. They will disagree with what you say not because of the merits that your words hold, but because of the source they stem from (you). It is still important to remember that some of the arguments those who don’t like you voice will be valid, and include points which are propelled by truth. OtherContinue reading

Why You’re Talking to Yourself Right Now

Disclaimer: This article is about putting yourself in others’ shoes, not an advocacy for the degradation of your mental health. Treating others how you want to be treated is a powerful philosophy. The train this general thought deploys, arrives at discovering life’s constant search for balance. We rest when we are tired and eat when we are hungry. We laugh at others’ jokes, and cry in reaction to tragedies occurring; both of which disrupt life’s balance in their specific way. Like a strummed guitar string in slow motion, life tends to vibrate down to perfect balance. Treating others how you want to beContinue reading

Why Your Quest to Find Meaning Will Turn Up Short

While measuring life with your certain set of tools, do not expect to fully comprehend it. You are a very small piece inside this enormous puzzle. You will always find a corner, and discover another caveat.  It is in your DNA. Understand it, bask in it, and let it overtake you. Let it scare you to the soul, let it take your soul, and let it give your soul back. Let it own everything you love. Understand it all. Climax in it, keep it going, because it doesn’t have to end. It also doesn’t have to keep going. This isContinue reading

Why Conflict Can Be a Good Thing for Your Growth

Conflicts are a part of life. If you’re not having conflicts with others, you’d be lucky to not have conflicts with yourself. Waking up in the morning is hard when your dreams aren’t panning out. Looking in the mirror is tough when you don’t like what you see, and dealing with the shortcomings of those you live with is a task of patience to say the least. Conflicts are the thorns on the edges of the life we live. We bounce up and between the walls of life thanks to the conflicts that are sprinkled throughout. Conflict either makes us change directionContinue reading

Why It’s Better If Others Defend You

Accusations come in varying forms. Depending on the trigger of the accusations which come your way, there isn’t much out there that one can’t get accused of under the right circumstance. The more influence you attain on your way toward achieving your goals, the more impactful the accusations against you will tend to be. Presidents get accused of ruining entire countries’ economic stability, high school principals get accused of ruining the satisfaction of one thousand students, and fathers get accused of being too strict with their children. Once an accusation which warrants your attention comes into the picture of yourContinue reading

How to Establish Innocence to Get Away With Things

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice in any capacity. This is written to aid only the social happenings of everyday life. Many of us have experience being caught red-handed doing something that we shouldn’t have. We’ve been punished for failing to follow valid rules, and for deliberately breaking the ones which we decided were unfair to our sense of freedom or well-being. This article does not encourage you to break rules, but acknowledges that the breaking of some of life’s many rules (not laws) is an inevitable occurrence. With that consideration having been made, our attention is then directed atContinue reading

Knowing who to assign tasks to can be the difference between successful output and one which is of sub-par nature.

How to Properly Assign Ownership of Tasks

As you grow in attaining positions of importance in life, you’ll often have to make decisions on whether to do work yourself or allow others to try. As someone who seeks order and control, this decision will be a difficult one to make. By assigning ownership to others, you lose a certain level of control over the outcome. You place trust on the person charged with completing the task in question, and will have to check their output to ensure that it meets your standards. There will be people who let you down with the work that they do. Your striveContinue reading

Why Magicians Who Admit to Magic Not Being Real, Are More Interesting

Magicians/Illusionists have had a tougher go at things due to recent technological advancements and increased spread of common understanding. As high definition cameras and our ability to replay, analyze, and study video has become commonplace, the abilities which they purport to possess are easier to disprove. They can no longer rely on any form of mystique to drive audiences to see them. The magicians that stick by the notion of them tapping into any form of magic in its strict definition are questioned and dismissed. People’s access to information is now vast and speedy. Where there’s a trick worthy of yourContinue reading

How to Defend Yourself Against Malicious Video Edits

This article will center around video interviews. You may have noticed the tendency for the public to request full, unedited interviews with public figures for the purpose of transparency. This ask is being driven by the behavior of those supplying video content to edit their clips in ways that perpetuate an agenda. Though the general public has an understanding that video editing can be used for malicious purposes, a deeper analysis of why the act of video editing is a powerful weapon should be done. A vast amount of media content consumed is in the video format. People learn, are entertained,Continue reading