Why You Should Want to Lead a Pack

The concept of being a “pack-leader” will be used in reference to leading many or just being by yourself. It shouldn’t matter how much control you attain, because being the one who has the final say matters more. The desire to lead a pack can manifest itself into many aspects of life. There are people who want to lead bigger packs than others. As well as people for whom leading packs becomes a problem. Becoming the leader of a pack is sometimes needed to propel your truth, but the argument against absolute power always stands. Pack-leading should not be utilized forContinue reading

Why Marketing Should Not Hold Power Over Truth

In the journey to spread what you create – whether it is a product, idea, or creation – you’ll need market its truth to others. This article is about misleading marketing tactics. It may be futile to distinguish what exactly makes a marketing campaign dishonest, as long as you understand that truth should hold precedence over all else your product aims to offer. The reason why you shouldn’t oversell is because your product must stem from truth and deliver what you believe truth to be. Your truth is the summation of all knowledge you’ve attained and hopefully the need to propagate positivity isContinue reading

How to Talk About People You Don’t Like – (When You Have To)

Gossip is often difficult to escape. There will be instances in life when you are stuck in having to give an opinion about somebody who you are not too fond of. We all know that talking badly behind people’s back is not a decent method of getting people to like you. Even if you believe in the factual validity of what you spread, speaking negatively about others will encourage your listeners to distrust you. You will not be trusted in the opinionated feedback that you give because they will have first-hand evidence of you singing a different tune about othersContinue reading

How You Can Learn From the Enemies of Society

It may be a bit hard to believe, but not a lot differentiates you from the worst humans to have ever lived. You never know what you would do, say, and plan if you were in the same exact position as another. The fact that you could’ve turned out to be a murderer, dictator, or a slave master should scare you but also teach you a lesson or two. Take the approach of finding positives and learning from them in life, as even the most absurd, disturbing corners of history contained lessons to be learned by all.  The subject of influence isContinue reading

Why Video Editing Is an Effective Weapon

This article will center around video interviews. You may have noticed the tendency for the public to request full, unedited interviews with public figures for the purpose of transparency. This ask is being driven by the behavior of those supplying video content to edit their clips in ways that perpetuate an agenda. Though the general public has an understanding that video editing can be used for malicious purposes, a deeper analysis of why the act of video editing is a powerful weapon should be done. A vast amount of media content consumed is in the video format. People learn, are entertained,Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Complain About Being Busy

You may find yourself neck-deep in looming tasks that need to be done. Whether in your professional or personal life, you will need to prioritize things which hold higher importance over those which can wait to be done later. In your efforts to prioritize, you will need to reject, decline, and postpone invitations from others. Whether it is an invitation to go out for dinner, or an invitation for your efforts on a task at work, you will find yourself in a position to decline because of how much you have on your plate.  In these situations, there are a myriad waysContinue reading

Why You Should Be Gentle With Naive People

The intellect of those you meet in life will vary. You’ll meet some people who know more than you in specific facets of life, and you’ll meet people who just can’t get on the same page. These instances are not of concern in everyday life. However, when there are consequences for someone’s lack of experience, you’ll need to correct them in order to remain unaffected yourself. Examples of instances when those around you lack the proper knowledge can include working together on an issue at work, collaborating on a business venture, or merely planning for a dangerous mountain-top hike. If youContinue reading

Why Your Tone Matters

Learning to master your tone of voice will help you get away with a lot in life. The tone with which you speak is more understood by your listener than the words you’re saying. In critical moments of our day, we can lose control of the tone which we speak with. The changes in our tone are executed by emotional responses within our bodies. The trigger of the emotional response is not as much of a concern as your reaction to the trigger. In order to correct your tone of voice, you need to correct the initial triggers for your tone turningContinue reading

Why You’re Vulnerable When Receiving Favors From Others

Disclaimer: This article is written to help you defend about bad people who do good things to gain your trust. It is not written in an effort to encourage you to be closed off to kindness.  You may have reasons for being private, to yourself, and generally distrusting of others. These traits could have been shaped by malicious people in your past. Now that you have developed a strong defense mechanism against malice, you should look further into how these types of people can find ways to hurt you and your close ones. Once bad people see that their target hasContinue reading

Why You Should Never Take the Bait – (Scams, Frauds, Rackets, & Tricks)

You can only control your actions until you’re baited to act in a certain way. If nobody can verbally bait you to commit to action, nature will bait you from the core. The fact is that you and everyone around you are wired in a similar way. There sure are differences between us all, but the software at our core is similar at least. At most, it is exactly the same. You can figure out how to make the vast majority of people you meet cry, laugh, or yell for joy. Each reaction from others is governed by a formulaContinue reading

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