Why You Shouldn’t Be Self-Deprecating After an Objectively Good Performance

Self-deprecation in response to good results is intended to fish for even more compliments than those results already warrant.  Using self-deprecation for their social benefit is a habit that those who’ve finagled ways to garner positive attention regularly employ. They aim to highlight their various good outcomes by setting low expectations and allowing the objective […]

How to Ask for a Job Application Status Update – With Samples

There are many important instances of communication during the job application process.  You’ll go back and forth with recruiters; sending over your resumes, employment letters, and copies of your degrees. In return, they’ll send over forms to fill and salary expectations to set.  You may even get a chance to interview for the position of […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Cynical When Others Are Entertained

An uncomfortable situation to bear is one in which the subject of a magic trick actively tries to debunk the trick. As the trick is being performed, the selected subject closely watches the magician’s hands. They change angles, bend over, and attempt to gain any advantage in being able to know how the magician does […]

Why It’s Better If Others Defend You

Accusations come in varying forms. Depending on the trigger of the accusations which come your way, there isn’t much out there that one can’t get accused of under the right circumstance. The more influence you attain on your way toward achieving your goals, the more impactful the accusations against you will tend to be. Presidents […]

How to Treat People Who’ve Let You Down

The feeling of being let down by those who we’ve put our trust in, is more disappointing than it is angering. The disappointment comes from expecting your reality to play out in a way which it does not. The closer you are to the person who has let you down, the more disappointing it is. The specifics […]

Why the Square Watermelon Will Make You a Better Person

Square watermelons are novelty plants which are, as their name suggests, grown to be cubed rather than spherical. Their cubed shape is attained by growing them in rigid boxes. As they grow under what seem to be normal conditions for a watermelon to grow in, the four sides of the box they’re in begin to […]

Why You Should Fill the Kettle With More Water Than You’ll Drink

One of the better feelings in life is being remembered in seemingly minute aspects of it. Waking up to an already hot pot of coffee on the kitchen counter is one of those feelings. We feel a communal sense of warmth when the people who experience life before us remember that we’ll be travelling down the same […]

How to End Conversations So You’re Remembered

The interactions you get into throughout the day can leave your mind numb. You have to remember names, speak with clarity and purpose, and make a positive mark on your listeners overall. If you’re a person who cares for making a positive mark on the world you live in, then you take all conversations you partake […]

Why We Instinctively Fear People with No Core Beliefs

When analyzing the introduction of new people in their life, humans instinctively look for central, or core, beliefs. Learning of others’ core beliefs allows us to somewhat predict the actions of another, as well as pinpoint what matters to the opposition most. Doing this allows us to know whether someone is a threat to us […]