How to Be a Valued Guest at Any Event

You may know what it feels like to not be invited to an event you desperately wanted to attend. It’s heartbreaking when our friends are giddy to attend a party that we’ve not been invited to. The feeling of rejection is painful, but the feeling of being forgotten about just might take the cake in terms of pain. Being invited to events or outings feels good. Receiving an invitation makes us feel wanted, and indicates that our presence is interpreted as beneficial to the event we will be attending. If you prove that assumption to be a mistake, the likelihood ofContinue reading

How to Establish Innocence to Get Away With Things

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice in any capacity. This is written to aid only the social happenings of everyday life. Many of us have experience being caught red-handed doing something that we shouldn’t have. We’ve been punished for failing to follow valid rules, and for deliberately breaking the ones which we decided were unfair to our sense of freedom or well-being. This article does not encourage you to break rules, but acknowledges that the breaking of some of life’s many rules (not laws) is an inevitable occurrence. With that consideration having been made, our attention is then directed atContinue reading

How to Handle Those Who Discredit What You Like

Awkward moments arise when someone makes fun of, or discredits, a thing which you enjoy. Your circle of friends may begin vocally trashing a new song whilst not knowing that you quite like it. Without knowing your position on the matter, your significant other may vehemently exclaim their disdain for a certain politician or controversial news story. We’re sometimes caught off guard by people who don’t suspect us to be holding a stake in something they seek to discredit and badmouth. Should we let them know of our opinion on the things which they discredit? If so, at what point should weContinue reading

Why You Should Fill the Kettle With More Water Than You’ll Drink

One of the better feelings in life is being remembered in seemingly minute aspects of it. Waking up to an already hot pot of coffee on the kitchen counter is one of those feelings. We feel a communal sense of warmth when the people who experience life before us remember that we’ll be travelling down the same road. It feels good to be guided through some difficult aspects of our lives by those who’ve already experienced similar circumstances. This article will use the metaphor of filling the kettle with more water than you’ll drink to illustrate thinking about those who’ll be followingContinue reading

You can use online anonymity to make lasting changes in the world you live. Utilize this privilege to improve the lives of others.

Why Online Anonymity Should Make You More Positive

The incidence of negative dialogue within online communities is common when its users maintain their anonymity. People feel protected by anonymity, and experience fewer social barriers in sharing their – perhaps hurtful – opinions. The ability to express displeasure is an important aspect of anonymity. It allows for an honest discussion of ideas, and encourages a communal search for some of the harshest truths. Habits form quickly when we’re blind to their formation however, and some people make spreading negativity online a habit. You’ve likely experienced hurtful dialogue along with other darker social behaviors online, and can draw from your own experienceContinue reading

Disdain for Authority, They Will Choose to Follow Rather Than Be Forced

Why You Should Treat Superiority as a Privilege

You work hard to get to the position you see yourself achieving. Whether that position involves leading the team which you were once a member of, or getting hired as a head of an organization, rising up in professional ranking takes committed hard work. Achieving what we work hard for is a pleasant feeling. We feel validated, our ambitious vision is now aligned with reality, and we feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. These feelings can encourage you to act in ways that others perceive as prideful. Your new-found importance can cause you to take others less seriously than you takeContinue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Vary in How You Show Attention. The Effect It Has on People Watching From Outside

Why You Shouldn’t Vary in Your Show of Attention

The people in your life are grouped into various mental categories. These categories aren’t linear in their listing. Specific categories may distinguish the level of trust you have for your various friends. Other categories can represent which floors your acquaintances at work sit on. In an effort to articulate the motive of this article, the following example will be used: The person you sit next to at work typically demands your kind attention. You sometimes get a coffee with them during your break, and are warm to each other in conversation. This person reciprocates the warmth with which you treat them,Continue reading

Why You Should Be Careful Around Others’ Self-Deprecating Jokes

Being comfortable with laughing at yourself (your shortcomings and mistakes), is a beneficial trait to have. It communicates to those around you that you don’t take yourself too seriously. As others laugh at your expense, they counter-intuitively grow to like you a little bit more. They see you as imperfect, therefore making their own lives feel just a little bit more perfect than before. It seems like a form of pressure is lifted off their shoulders, whilst they laugh at an imperfection you’ve publicized about yourself. For just an instant, they can let their guard down as you let down yoursContinue reading

You can use mistakes to relieve pressure to perform.

How to Relieve Pressure With Mistakes

The quest for perfection can become one which takes more away from life than adds onto it. Perfectionists become obsessed with achieving perfect results. These results can be related to work tasks, athletics, or even the conversations they get into. The obsession with perfection can increase the pressure under which people operate. If you’re managed by someone who is obsessed with achieving perfect results, your output will never impress, and good results will become mere expectation. This article aims to provide some insight into how to utilize mistakes to relieve the pressure of unrealistic expectations without hurting your reputation in the process.Continue reading

Why Having the Right “Enemies” Can Benefit You

The word, “enemies,” will be used to represent those who serve to oppose someone else’s personal truth in a forceful manner. The truths they oppose can be related to business, politics, or everyday social interaction. Enemies develop when their battle for what they believe truth to be, begins to negatively affect our work or well being. Though the ideas in this article can seem to be encouraging of malicious behavior, they are presented for the sole purpose of bringing benefit to society. It is this article’s mere hope, that the enemies you adopt are those who are ethically worthy of defeating.Continue reading