Why You Should Always Remember the Square Watermelon

Square watermelons are novelty plants which are, as their name suggests, grown to be cubed rather than spherical. Their cubed shape is attained by growing them in rigid boxes. As they grow under what seem to be normal conditions for a watermelon to grow in, the four sides of the box they’re in begin to exert pressure on their rind. The bigger the watermelon becomes, the more pressure is exerted onto it. The boxes prove to be stronger than the watermelon rind, and the watermelon adjusts its shape to match that of the box it’s in. The square watermelon is a goodContinue reading

be careful about being repetitive with the lessons that you teach

Why They’ll Listen Less the More You Sing

You’ll learn many truths on your journey to expand your knowledge. Truth often feels like growth, and sometimes serves to alleviate the various pains of daily life. You’ll learn hard lessons which are brought on by making mistakes. You’ll hurt others on your way to truth, and perhaps you’ll hurt yourself. Upon discovering your truths, you’ll feel a desire to spread them. You’ll see others in similar situations as yourself, and will want to deliver guidance. In an effort to validate and test your truth, you’ll want to present it to the world. You’ll package it into easy-to-digest lessons in anContinue reading

Why You Win When You Forgive

The tune of people telling you that forgiveness is the way, has been overplayed. People seem to inherently know that forgiveness is the way toward contentment and peace, but that notion seems to always be forgotten. Forgiveness only seems to come after the ones we forgive are either shamed or disproved. Are we capable of forgiving those who have not apologized? Are we capable of forgiving those who were not caught and shamed? Our vengeful nature entices us to seek balance. It entices us to communicate and share the pain we feel when others metaphorically stab us in the gut.Continue reading

How to Suppress and Mediate Heated Arguments / Disputes

As a leader in any domain, you’ll come across disputes among the people you lead. It quickly becomes difficult to make educated judgments on which side of the argument may be right. No matter how much evidence is presented to you, you should fear labeling some things as true and others as false. You don’t have the all-knowing ability to understand absolute truths around you no matter how irrefutable the evidence presented seems to be. With this caution guiding your careful treading of arguments within your team, your most immediate goal should be to settle the dispute in question. AContinue reading

How to Critique Something Others Love

There will be times when you have to shut down others’ good ideas, reject their propositions, and critique the things they’ve worked hard in building. On the road toward the best ideas, auxiliary ones will fall by the wayside. They’ll be sacrificed for better ones to come through and become the norm. As a facilitator of positive growth, you’ll sometimes find yourself in positions that dictate you to make decisions. You can find yourself leading others, being a central decision maker, or a trusted adviser. Knowing how to critique the things that others hold dear to their hearts will be an importantContinue reading

How to Handle Jealousy From Friends and Family

The ones you consider to be close aren’t immune to the feelings that jealousy brings about. We compete with our friends, and even members of our family, on the many metrics of performance that riddle our lives. Two recent graduates will measure themselves up against one another whilst attempting to find their first job. Two brothers will stay out late at the local park in their attempts to figure out who the better basketball player is. Where there is competition, you’re bound to find feelings of jealousy and envy. In reading this article, think back to the times when you’veContinue reading

How to Sway People to Your Side by First Agreeing With Their Goals

People are willing to fight for what they believe truth to be. When you look further into the motivations of those around, you’ll realize that that their actions and words tend to come from a good place. People do what they do because they believe it to align with truth. They believe their actions and words to be agents of kindness and good intention. Disagreement can be harsh, even violent, if two well-meaning truths have been misaligned to battle against each other. Though both parties’ goals and intentions may very well be good, kind, and altruistic, the perceived threat to not havingContinue reading

Why Attacking the Person Behind an Opinion Is an Automatic Loss

You’ve likely seen arguments turn sour. Once a personal remark is made, it’s difficult to steer the disagreement back to focusing on the topic at hand and not on the people who are presenting their respective arguments. To those who watch, a disagreement is difficult to follow when personal remarks begin to fly back and forth. To those who partake, being personally attacked for an ideology entices them to dig their heels into the ground and attack right back. Those who begin commenting on the person behind an opinion tend not to arrive at beneficial results for their cause. This article aimsContinue reading

Why You Can’t Be Picky When Receiving Favors

You’re likely familiar with the catchy axiom related to the subject of this article: “Beggars can’t be choosers.” What is it about being picky whilst receiving favors from others that is so bad? Since the ones who are helping us out have already made their desire known, it makes sense for us to optimize their help with some direction. Perhaps the sandwich someone offers you after leaving your lunch at home would be better with mustard and cheese. Perhaps the friend who has offered to give you a ride to work should stop playing music you don’t enjoy on the car rideContinue reading

How to Not Incriminate Yourself While Getting Revenge

The decision to pursue revenge is a personal one. Arguing against someone’s will to get revenge deals with the bounds of morality. Those philosophical areas of conversation seldom have universal answers. They can only lead to persuasive arguments. We’ve written about why retaliation is a bad idea. However, your decision in this regard is a personal one. Getting revenge can thoroughly increase your level of contentment with the situation you find yourself in. What nobody should strive for whilst getting revenge however, is being incriminated in the process. An effective act of revenge thereby, is one which inflicts damage without increasingContinue reading

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