How to Get People to Care About Your Misfortunes

Our trials and tribulations are common topics of conversations we have with others. As you partake in normal social behavior with another person, you’ll start off the dialogue with the trivial happenings of life. As the conversation moves forth, you may decide to share a misfortune you experienced the other day. Perhaps someone chipped your car’s paint job at the grocery store parking lot. Or maybe you were stuck in two hour traffic on the way home from work because of the snow storm. We bring up our own misfortunes in conversation for seemingly unknown reasons. Akin to a...

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How to Act When Someone Doesn’t Take Your Advice

Respectable individuals make informed decisions. There will be times when you’ll play the role of being an advisor to someone who’s making an important decision. You’ll present your findings and opinions on the matter at hand for others to weigh into their act of making a final decision. Sometimes, our advice is listened to but not followed. Though we may know for a fact what we told a person is correct, they’ll sometimes just not subscribe to our suggestions. It seems that there’s a more important fact which consumes and overpowers the facts contained in your advice. That fact...

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Knowing who to assign tasks to can be the difference between successful output and one which is of sub-par nature.

How to Properly Assign Ownership of Tasks

As you grow in attaining positions of importance in life, you’ll often have to make decisions on whether to do work yourself or allow others to try. As someone who seeks order and control, this decision will be a difficult one to make. By assigning ownership to others, you lose a certain level of control over the outcome. You place trust on the person charged with completing the task in question, and will have to check their output to ensure that it meets your standards. There will be people who let you down with the work that they do. Your...

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Why You Should Support Those Who Are Struggling to Learn

There will be people that you meet who grasp concepts slower than you and others around them. These people are either plagued by inexperience in the domain which they’ve been thrown into, or are merely slower at grasping concepts than others. There will be times when you begin to lose patience with these people and feel like taking tasks on alone, assigning responsibility to others, and generally pushing the slower folks away from doing important tasks. Do not fall victim to those feelings. It is critical for you to enable those who are in the learning phases and support them...

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you'll be forced to manage people who undergo tragic life events. how should we go about doing it?

Why the Well-Being of Your Team Members Matters Most

On your task of getting things done at home or work, you’ll have to work with others. While working with the people who help you get your tasks completed, some will triumph and some will fail. Others, will be affected by the happenings around them. You’ll work with people whose parent may have recently passed, and those whose mental health takes a turn for the worst. Handling our relationships with people whose well-being is in a state of suffering is difficult to do. Especially in the workplace, you’ll feel pressure to continue hitting deadlines and be on top of what you...

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Regret and desire to propagate positivity should encourage your choices of reaction.

How to Ensure Your Reactions Don’t Denounce You

The “eye for an eye” retaliation approach leads quickly toward mutual assured destruction. The advancement of technology in the military sense has produced clear examples of the effects certain human decisions are capable of producing. A clear path toward our own destruction as well as the destruction of our enemies is often evident. Whether we choose to travel down those roads is another question. Humans are complicated beings with complicated thoughts. Our thoughts are sometimes ethical, noble, fair, and wise. Other times, our thoughts are dark, disgusting, angry, and vengeful. This article will hint on the darker realms of...

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How to Get Noticed by Noticing Others

Attention is an invisible, yet valuable commodity. Much like other objects of desire, the value of attention you receive depends on the quantity in which it comes, along with the quality with which its given. Garnering attention which is high in quality as well as quantity is difficult to do. People are on a constant search for ways to mine it. There are those who make their mark on a very select few, to receive attention which is high in quality but low in quantity. Others target the masses in search for quantity, in hopes of ramping up their...

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How to Take Risky Actions Properly

Traits like courageousness and bravery are either acquired or learned by a select few. If a person lives a life filled with authentic lessons of courage and bravery, then they understand what it means to turn thought into action. Many live comfortable lives commuting to work during the day and running errands around their professional schedule. Though this modern way of life is determined to be the safest for our existence, it does not offer much opportunity for unplanned actions. Everything that we do is deliberately thought about and sometimes analyzed into paralysis. The more a person thinks about a thought on its...

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How to Handle Stress-Inducing Coworkers and Classmates

The workplace is a common source of stress. We often have deadlines to hit, stakeholders to interact with, and products to implement with success. Mix personal agendas and egos in, and the recipe is often perfect for the build-up of high stress levels. Your coworkers, classmates, and other acquaintances can be primary sources of stress if you do not wade through the waters in which they swim with finesse. To get you started on how to handle stress-inducing colleagues, classmates, and other people that appear in your everyday life, below are three reminders to keep you swimming in the...

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Do not tag acceptance with criticism.

Why You Should Let Acceptance Simmer by Itself

Acceptance of others’ actions is best delivered in full. You may have witnessed being complimented as a precursor to receiving criticism soon-after. People like to couple criticism with words of positivity to make their critiques sting less. Without realizing that this method actually exaggerates their words of criticism, they hope their critical messages are camouflaged by words of encouragement. Know that your words of positivity will have little impact if you follow them with criticisms too soon. Your audience will tend to focus on the negatives and ignore your words of encouragement even if those words ring true. This article...

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