How to Interact With Those Who Break Their Own Rules

People make goals for themselves and consistently do not meet them. A part of being a person is to be imperfect. You’ll realize how lost people who look like they have everything under control really are, and you’ll consistently catch people breaking their own rules. There will be people who go on diets and fail to abide by them. There’ll be those who aim to work out every day only to make excuses for why they couldn’t go to the gym in the past three days. Some will say they never get emotional when their ideas are challenged, only thenContinue reading

Dealing with friend who bullies others is difficult you. You can be embarrassed and afraid to tackle their behavior head-on. This article provides some tips for how to go about dealing with friends who bully others.

How to Deal With a Friend Who Bullies Others

Being friends/acquaintances with a bully is a bad look. The friends we choose in life are never perfect. There will be traits you see in friends which can damage your relationship with them as well as your own reputation in the eyes of others. Being friends with a bully is a bad look because it will serve to group you into a category you might not care to be in. It can create tension between yourself and others, especially if the victims of your friend’s bullying have to interact with you in day-to-day activities. Word can spread about your affiliation withContinue reading

How to Get Someone to Try New Things

Talking people into trying something new is hard work. Sometimes, trying something new is a process of breaking some identifies you’ve considered yourself to be labeled by. A person who’s considered themselves to be afraid of large bodies of open water is not likely to dive off a 20-foot cliff into the Mediterranean sea. The longer that a person has held onto an identity of any sort, the harder it will be to entice that person to act in ways which contradict their identity. The fear of reevaluating one’s own identity is at the root of the fear of tryingContinue reading

How to Handle People Who Pry Into Your Sensitivities

Disclaimer: This article is intended to be an aide to regular civilian interaction. It is not legal advice. Combative interviews are birthed when someone is out to prove a point with a series of agenda-driven, prying questions. We often have a general sense of when someone’s out to “get us” by asking us leading questions which seek to get us into trouble or submission. The reasons for their combative inquiry can vary widely. However, there are patterns which can be observed and general rules followed whilst interacting with people who have a malicious agenda driving the questions that they ask. This article aimsContinue reading

people will look for ways to discredit what you achieve in life

Why You Should Agree With Excuses for Your Success

With any success you see in life, you’ll hear excuses as to what possibly could have propelled you toward it. Even those who give you the credit you deserve will tend to couple it with some sort of explanation. They will credit your ability to focus, your ability to learn quicker than others, and your natural ability to organize information into something of value. There will be few people properly enamored by your success without adding commentary as to what may have helped you along the way. This is not a bad thing, and you shouldn’t take these comments to heart.Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Your Phone on Your Bed or Couch

The metaphor of being comfortable with throwing your phone around, will be used to illustrate becoming too comfortable in the relationships you have with people.   Like any other, the relationship we embark on with a new phone is one which starts off heated. As we strip the protective plastic it comes shipped in, we inspect every corner, we marvel at its sleekness, and we feel as if we’ve attained a new superpower. This is the phone that’ll enable us to discover, it’ll enable us to connect, and it’ll be there during times when we’re alone. The newest models getContinue reading

Why You’re Vulnerable When Receiving Favors From Others

Disclaimer: This article is written to help you defend about bad people who do good things to gain your trust. It is not written in an effort to encourage you to be closed off to kindness.  You may have reasons for being private, to yourself, and generally distrusting of others. These traits could have been shaped by malicious people in your past. Now that you have developed a strong defense mechanism against malice, you should look further into how these types of people can find ways to hurt you and your close ones. Once bad people see that their target hasContinue reading

Why You Should Thoroughly Analyze Your Own Interests

In attempts to know what people want during a particular moment in time, you should first aim to understand what you would want in that situation yourself. The obvious way to do that, would be to, “put yourself in someone else’s shoes;” a notion which can be extended to mean: an effort to become the person you want to understand. The second-best way, is to remember a time when you were in a similar situation. It is generally easier to predict the actions of people younger than us than those who are our elders, as it is easier to think back andContinue reading

How to Deal With a Manipulative Coworker

The workplace, especially a competitive corporate environment, is no stranger to some people’s sociopathic tendencies. It seems that corporate environments allow manipulative individuals to practice their “skill” of having their way with others without being punished. They may even see benefit to acting manipulatively in the workplace. In an effort to meet targets and gain a favorable impression from higher ups, people often resort to devious ways. They set up their colleagues to take blame for mistakes, and squeeze every ounce of effort from their subordinates whilst posing as if they care for their well-being. Manipulative behavior is difficult toContinue reading

How to Treat People Who’ve Let You Down

The feeling of being let down by those who we’ve put our trust in, is more disappointing than it is angering. The disappointment comes from expecting your reality to play out in a way which it does not. The closer you are to the person who has let you down, the more disappointing it is. The specifics of the letdown can be labelled as secondary in importance to who it was that let you down. Some letdowns can motivate you to reanalyze where someone stands in your perception of who you call close. Some let downs can motivate you to unhinge from,Continue reading