Why You Should Master the Art of Baiting Others

Disclaimer: Please let go of the interpretation that baiting others is a behavior driven by malice. The advice given below is for the sole purpose of doing good.

To bait others is to direct the world around you. Like a good director of a movie, you need to know how to make the actors of your world commit to their roles and truly believe in what they do. Bait is an important aspect of marketing and sales. Bait can be sexual, material, or physical, and is typically rooted in the ego. Bait can be a peacock spreading its feathers, or a gorilla pounding its chest. The desired result of baiting in nature (we are nature) is to play out the visions of our ego. We bait others to fulfill our own desires. The gorilla and the peacock both envision planting their seed in their attempts to bait a partner, slightly propelling their lineage further. Bait well-planted, can pull in even the most grounded of all beings into a subconscious chain of action.

Mastering the art of baiting others is a priceless asset to your folder of influential skills. The perfect bait plays into the truest desires of your subject and the first step to mastering bait is to master your ability to assess the desires of those around you. Men like sex, and women like shopping. That statement is an example of two simplified (perhaps over-simplified) theories of desire. Desires however, venture much deeper, many of which are still undiscovered. Desire in humans is a complicated study to undertake and there are limitless twists and turns. Overarching desires like sexual ones can spring into much more precise sub-desires, the many facets of fetishism being the prime example in this case.

Spot and Tease Desires

Learn to spot desires from the actions and surroundings of those you try to bait. See what they surround themselves with and what they generally seek in their day-to-day life. Desires manifest themselves over time and in a subconscious manner – we have a tendency to act on desires even when trying to suppress them. Once you see and identify the desires of another, you can begin crafting up your bait. Bait with breadcrumbs of desire in an effort to fulfill the goal that you’ve set to achieve. Little by little, acting on their subconscious fulfillment of desire, people will follow through with the goals you’ve set.

Your employees will need bait set in an effort to pursue the goals that you set for your business. Your family will need bait set to improve their situation, whether it is financial, geographical, or medical. Bait should not be looked at resulting in a negative outcome for the one being baited. There are many uses and outcomes of baiting others. You can become fluent in baiting for the betterment of the ones being baited.

Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims in any way.