Why You Should Always Listen Until The End

The conversations you get into during the day can all be used to improve your reputation in the minds of those you talk to. You can be such an addition to their day, that they will remember it for many. Each one of us has a lot to say. We have a lot we can share with those who converse with us, and we are drawn to doing so. Remember that the people you are in conversation with have a lot about their lives and opinions to tell you. They get a feeling of validation from others by letting their thoughts and opinions be heard.

Your Listeners’ Needs

The first reason why you should let others finish talking first, is because they would prefer to express their opinions prior to listening to what you have to say. Whenever you want to improve somebody’s opinion of you, make sure you listen to their thoughts fully. Listening until the end makes the speaker feel important and appreciated. You will gain subconscious positive feelings from the person you are in conversation with if you listen to their thoughts fully.


The longer somebody talks, the higher the chances are that they will divulge some sort of prudent information. The reason this is more likely to happen than not, is because once someone runs out of thoughts and opinions to talk about, they go deeper into what they know. Their subconscious spits out secrets in an efforts to grasp on to the attention they attained from the audience.

By listening fully to the thoughts of those around you, you will learn a lot more about them than if you were to deliberately interview them on the same topics. This implicit way of getting information is particularly effective because the person divulging their secrets to you thinks its their own idea to do so. Plant topics about which you want to learn more, and let the person you’re talking to go on forever. It is a low-effort, high-reward form of gathering ‘intel’.


As the person you’re talking with goes on their tirade of presenting information important to them, they will tire out intellectually. After they are finished saying everything they wanted to say, they will now have a blank mind refilling with thoughts – akin to a toilet bowl after a flush.

The ideas you propose now are less likely to get rejected. They are less likely to argue into the details of a subject which you mention.You will have them tired of verbal stimulation, and their thoughts are less likely to be voiced against yours. Make sure that they have said everything they wanted to say first. People take breaks to regroup, so be weary proposing your vulnerable ideas until you are sure the person in front of you has nothing else left to say.

Listen to the issues and thoughts of others, as it will help you formulate your own. Copy the ideas which you respect, and gather information on what you should stay away from. Utilize human nature to your advantage by being a student of every person you get into conversation with. Listen to them until the end, and learn more than with any other attempts to gather information.

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