Why You Should Know the Working Habits of Competitors

Society it a competitive place, and in order to win against your competition you have to study them. Studying your competition can be described as the journey towards predicting their behavior. By predicting what your competition will do amidst certain triggers, you will know where to be, what to do, and what to say when they do what you expect them to do.


Anticipating and knowing the working habits of others is a beneficial exercise to undertake. You have to understand that the society around you operates in a cyclical pattern. People tend to work and rest on pre-assigned hours of each day.

By knowing and anticipating when your competitors are working, you can plan your work to be more effective than theirs. You can plan to work when they are not working, and perform tasks in a timelier manner than they do.


Another advantage to knowing how and when your competition works, is the confidence you build when applying your findings to your own work. Upon analysis of a competitors work habits, you will begin to see their weaknesses becoming exposed. The more repetitions of a task that you see them do, the more information about the weaknesses – and strengths – that you will be able to receive.

These weaknesses are confidence boosters and performance aides for you. The discovery of your opponents weaknesses will make them seem beatable, and improve your performance during competition against them. The weaknesses of your opponents makes them seem normal to you, and you will feel like you are in control of the battle that you undertake against them.

Improve Your Own Working Habits

The weaknesses of your opponent that you discover will also improve the quality of your own product and working habits amidst competition. You will begin to see what makes your opponents strong and what habits take away from their strengths. When it comes to forming good habits, the analysis of others is critical. Copy the habits that you find beneficial to your work and stay away from the habits that seem to be detrimental to your competitors’ results.

When you know the weaknesses of your opponents, you have the ability to attack their weaknesses by making then your strengths. When they are up against you, they will realize that not only are they weak in certain aspects of their game, but that their weaknesses exaggerate your strengths.

Study the habits of those successful in your field, and be sure to figure out what their weaknesses are. Remember that your competitors are people, they eat, they sleep, and they sometimes don’t perform to their fullest potential. Know that any act they put up to seem perfect is an imperfection of their character in itself. Know that through the collection of information, you will soon figure out the formula to defeating those that aim to defeat you.

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