Why We Instinctively Fear People with No Core Beliefs

When analyzing the introduction of new people in their life, humans instinctively look for central, or core, beliefs. Learning of others’ core beliefs allows us to somewhat predict the actions of another, as well as pinpoint what matters to the opposition most. Doing this allows us to know whether someone is a threat to us and to those who we hold close.

If we can’t triangulate the central ideologies of those we meet – then we instinctively begin to distance ourselves from them. When a person’s core beliefs are hidden, they have no known weaknesses in the eyes of their counterparts. Therefore if you’re forced into battle against someone who hides their core beliefs, it is important to not let yours be known. If your core beliefs are known by others without you knowing theirs, they will have the capability to hurt without being hurt back.

We fear people with no core beliefs because we can’t hurt them should they choose to hurt us first. If you find yourself analyzing ways of hurting someone else, go right for their core beliefs and figure out ways of exploiting knowledge of what they care for most. Attempting to truly damage a person who hides their core beliefs is a game of luck you merely hope to win.

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