How to Influence Like Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ influence reached into the homes of billions around the world.

He was a person who was essential in morphing what was once a bodiless idea into one of the wealthiest corporations to ever exist. An article on this site will not do Jobs’ influential traits any justice. He was a visionary, a stellar businessman, and most importantly, a person who had an exceptional understanding of consumer psychology. He was rebellious and was not shy in voicing darker truths.

Accounts of his personality stem from experiences of his brilliance to the effects of his brutality. However, there is no denying of the power his influence had on the world around him, including those who are reading this article. His mind was a powerful one, and one we hope to emphasize by shining a humble light onto traits previously unmentioned.

This article’s primary goal is to entice the building of your interest in studying somebody like Steve Jobs, and establishing your eye for influential traits you can pick up from others.

The complexity of analyzing Steve Jobs leads to observations which are general enough to fit into an article. This article is more useful to motivate rather than to teach, however, the teachings contained below are actionable in their own right.


Humanize the Achievements Before You

Whether one’s desire to change the world is inherent or built up through life’s experiences is unknown. Jobs though, had an inordinate drive to shape the world into what his vision of it was. This website is built for people with the same desire, and this desire is one we try to supplement with every sentence written on this site.

Life isn’t at its final stage, and humans haven’t done everything that there is to do. There is vast room for improvement, for growth, and for influence. A driving force in Jobs’ desire to shape the world around him seems to have been his understanding of just how human everyone before him was.

The people who have built everything you grew up to know and said everything you’ve grown to understand were just as human as yourself. They were often wrong, they were often hungry, and they were often tired. They made mistakes, and none of them has been perfect in thought and impeccable in their execution of action.

The acceptance of the fact that there hasn’t been a perfect being prior to your existence should motivate you to come as close as anyone has ever come to being one. This is the notion which Jobs’ communicates in the video clip below (watch for 1.5 minutes).

The understanding of your ability to shape the world around you should not be suppressed or scoffed at. In order to make or partake in anything meaningful, you should learn to humanize the efforts of the ones who’ve come before you. Humans have riddled the planet with mistaken thought and action.

Be confident in your ability to improve on what’s come before you, and to make an impact on the people around you. Be in tune with just how malleable life around you is, and just how in control you can be of your story. This is a belief that should burn intensely. Strive to live an unordinary life and you’ll begin to notice just how unordinary your results will tend to be.


Core Values: A Beacon of Light in a Dark Room

A core value is one which transcends the domains in which you work. A core value is one which can be remembered while talking to your mom or running a trillion dollar business. The development and abidance of a core value is difficult to achieve. It requires you to formulate and fully believe one sentence-worth of dialogue, and shape the world around you with that one sentence being the backbone of everything you do and say.

Our core value at Influence Advice is one of empowering all, without segregating, with a greater ability to make a mark on the world around them. Steve Jobs speaks on the core value at Apple, and how important it is to stick to a core value without fail in your pursuit, and spreading of, your truth (watch for 1 minute).

As mentioned by Jobs above, times may bring change to your business, relationships, and methods of operation. Your core value however, should not change. It should not change whether you’re speaking with a friend or with a foe. It should not change whether you’re working at a desk job or embarking in starting your first business.

Think seriously about what your core values are. Determine why exactly you believe in those values, and how they can translate to all the domains in which you partake. Then abide by them without fail. A core value will entice you to be accountable to yourself. You’ll give off the impression of being trustworthy and serious about being an individual who operates ethically in their day to day life. It will entice others to trust and respect your thought and action. The act of operating by a set of core values will improve the stability of your line of thinking, and give you a direction when a life finds a way to blind you during your attempts to find the answers which you seek.


“If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.”

On your quest to influence those around you, you’ll have moments of fear, nervousness, anxiety, and disbelief. You’ll wake up in a panicked state after making a decision to follow your dreams the night prior. Your heart will flutter once your dreams begin to pan out and you begin meeting important people in your field. Your eyelid will twitch prior to voicing your thoughts in an important meeting with those people, and your palms will sweat when shaking hands with them at the end of that meeting.

Life is full of moments which terrify us to the core. To become someone of influence, be one who isn’t afraid to play a risky game. Be calculated, but don’t shy away from risk in the actions that you take. Jobs talks about how he gets over fears, anxieties, and the more mundane aspects of everyday life below. Remind yourself of death being constantly around the corner. Death will motivate you to either fear it, or utilize the time you have to the best of your ability. It is your choice to make. Make your contribution count by remembering the short time this life gives you to make that contribution (watch for 4 minutes).


Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims in any way.