October 27th, 2021

How to Be Smooth in Everything You Do – Compose Your Melody

The concept of ‘the melody of life’ will be used to describe the symbiotic relationships which govern everything you know.

The sweetest melodies exist where perfect balance is achieved. Understand this concept as it pertains to you by thinking about your favorite song. Every note adds to the piece as a whole, and must be in-line with the melody at large. If you were to listen to one, two, or a group of notes from your favorite song on repeat, they would not carry the same effect which the whole song does.

The artist responsible for putting all those notes into a melody achieved something which you should yearn to achieve on a daily basis.

Every glance, word, or action you take should be an addition to the sweet melody of your life.

Your melody however, does not end at the 3-minute mark. Depending on how pleasant your melody turns out to become, it may continue playing long after your demise. Your song encompasses the life you know, and you must perfect the act of contributing to your pleasant melody.


Your Morphing Song Is Constantly Being Heard

This mindset should govern how you interact with those around you, and will govern how others interact with you in return. Akin to putting on a smooth track in a car filled with your friends, you have the ability to dictate the general mood of those around you. You can act in ways which relax people, which make them forget about their problems, and which expose them to the smooth, balanced, melody with which you carry yourself.

Make everything you do add onto a delightful melody of actions, words, and thoughts. Make them all seemingly blend into one tune, and make all the notes of what you do only add onto this tune. Get into the habit of not being forceful with your thoughts and actions, as then your melody will merely turn to noise. Make your individual movements through life match the overall tone of your melody. Be integrative with the actions you commit.


The Melody Governing It All

Analyze whether your words and actions today created a pleasant melody for others to hear, or if they disturbed the melodic background noise of life.

Life itself is melodic to no end. The balance achieved by life is something to strive for individually, yet is extremely difficult to come close to emulating. The rivers, the oceans, the trees, the mountains, and the glaciers. Everything you know to be true is governed with a balanced tune that gave us life. Nature’s melody is inside us all, and if you were to ever look over a busy city street, you would see how well the melody comes together the larger a group of people grows.

We have an instinctual desire to balance things out, and act as one. Tap into that desire on an individual level in your everyday life. Make it a priority to get people moving to your melody. Allow them witness the smooth transitions of your words and actions. Allow them to move with you to the tune of your melody, and lead them on the dance which matches your growing melody’s rhythm.

Allow everything you do to only add to the melody which surrounds you, and do not allow anyone to negatively influence the beautiful tune you’re tasked with composing. Your melody is yours and only yours.

Protect the melody with which you vibrate, and try to constantly improve it. Try to always smoothen it; to make it birth goosebumps on all who catch a note or two, or ten. Continue composing your melody of life until it is the sweetest and the truest. Continue building your melody until you don’t have to say a word, or do a thing, for people to start feeling its groove.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims in any way.