How to Use the Word “But” When Delivering Criticism

As popularized by Dale Carnegie in the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” the word “but” is a powerful killer of morale. Have you ever been listening to someone talk and just waiting for the “but” in their statement? A common tactic of telling people the truth is to mask the harsh truth with […]

How to Distinguish, and Deal With, Baseless Criticisms

We’re placed in a difficult position when others criticize the things we do and the words we say. Some people may choose to ignore critics all together, but this method encourages them to miss important (and perhaps painful) feedback on the way they should conduct themselves. The fact is that some criticism we face is important to […]

Why You’re Vulnerable When Receiving Favors From Others

Disclaimer: This article is written to help you defend yourself from bad people who do good things to gain your trust. It is not written in an effort to encourage you to be closed off to kindness.  You may have reasons for being private, to yourself, and generally distrusting of others. These traits could have […]

How Not to Seem Boring to People Around You

People are not influenced by the common thoughts of others. In order to influence others you need to deliver unique thoughts into the world. When analyzing people, you will notice how common the thoughts and comments of the average person are. People tend to have similar triggers for the particular things that they speak about. Say for […]

How to Act Whilst Meeting a Celebrity

A mix of nervousness, shock, and a ramped-up level of self analysis, can culminate into an ill advised reaction when meeting someone famous. You’ve likely visualized yourself being in a position of interacting with famous people. Simulating our own personal interactions with those we see on screens is a test of our ability to keep up with […]

Why You Should Be Careful Establishing Someone’s Excellent Reputation

If given a choice of whom to spend time with, people would generally pick the person who is over-complimentary rather than someone who is cynical and perhaps hateful. Expressing positive thoughts about someone else, in turn, makes us feel good too. There’s something to be said for positivity making its way back around to the […]

Why It Is Weak to Be Predictable

The routines you’re living your life with make you predictable. Depending on how closely you follow the various routines that you live your life by, you can become an easy target for deception. It is generally believed that following a set routine is a net positive. However, if you constantly find yourself in a competitive […]

Why Petting Dogs Makes People Like You

Some people are careful in allowing others into their lives. Negative experiences dictate how careful we are in interacting with people who fit the patterns we’ve determined to be dangerous. Perhaps they’re afraid of being lied to, being tricked, and being played. You can’t guess which negative experiences dictate how careful someone is letting you […]

How to Kindly Reject Help from Someone

Though life isn’t exactly full of them, you’ll come across some incredibly kind people on the way toward your goals. Friends you make whilst traveling will let you stay at their place for a couple of nights, after your flight back home gets canceled. Some, will come to the rescue when your engine fails on […]

How to Deal With an Angry Mob / Group

Once you attain large enough influence in life, every action you commit will be subject to public scrutiny. The tips you’ll read in this article are unsurprising by nature. However, these fundamentals are difficult to master, and you should attempt to strictly abide to these simple processes of mitigating things gone awry. You may be a […]