Attempting to discredit competition is a sign of weakness on your part.

Why You Shouldn’t Aim to Discredit Competition

In much of what you decide to become skilled in, you’ll experience competitive feelings toward others who are practicing the the same skills you are. Whether you are working on becoming a better salesman, or a better javelin thrower, developing a skill often leads to being compared to other skilled individuals. If you choose not to compare yourself to others, the ones around you will. People’s desire to establish hierarchy in domains they observe is a powerful behavioral force. In order to be considered skilled in whatever domain you’ve dedicated your time to, be prepared to compete. In the face of competition,Continue reading

Taking advantage of certain rules that provide you with perceived benefit can prove to be detrimental.

Why Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

You’ll sometimes find yourself possessing an advantage in certain aspects of life as you go through it. There will be openings to attack others, take advantage of them, and act in ways to take advantage of them. When we find ourselves in positions of power and see ways to take advantage of others, it’s sometimes hard to fight the urge to follow through. Laws can be set to protect us, and rules can exist to give as an advantage. Your actions can turn out to be fully acceptable in the legal and professional sense, but the fact that you’re taking advantageContinue reading

disctracting others is a sure way to make them hate you

Why Those Who You Distract Will Hate You

One of the more impactful mistakes you can make is to go about your life without noticing the effects you have on others. Your state of assessing your own actions and behavior should be perpetual. Being in tune with the mark you make on the ones around you will educate you on how to improve going forward. Do not view being in tune with others’ concerns as something other than merely the desire for self improvement. You are not weak if you care what others think, and you’re not damaging your well-being in the process. There are, of course, thoughtsContinue reading

in order for others to follow you, you must be willing to go where they're afraid to venture

Why You Should Seek the Most Painful Information

Disclaimer: This article does not advocate negativity of any sort. Your mental health is of most importance, so do not follow this advice if you deem it dangerous to your well-being. Perhaps you’ve heard about negative visualization – the philosophy of seeking out what hurts is not new in the realm of self-improvement. What we’d like to do here, is provide some insight into why seeking out painful information helps in growing our influence on those around us, in addition to improving ourselves. For the purpose of this article, painful information will be used to represent things which we fearContinue reading

Forcing our interests on others can not always go to plan. Be careful being forceful with what you want others to listen to, as it may bring forth unnecessary stress.

Why You Should Let Others Play Music in the Car

The example of playing music in a car will be used as a metaphor for forcing your interests upon others. Taste in music is a personal matter. If you’ve ever been on a car ride with a few friends, you may have noticed there are people who itch to play their favorite songs for everyone else. As if yearning for acceptance of their tastes, some try hard to have their playlists be heard by others. They take pride in introducing others to new music and having their tastes reaffirmed by those who they respect. In hopes of garnering praise from those whoContinue reading

One Mistake Justin Trudeau Made Addressing the Toronto Van Attack

The day after a scary and unprecedented attack on innocent people which garnered international attention, the Prime Minister of Canada gave an address on the matter. He did a fine job in communicating and maintaining the solidarity that the people of Toronto operate by. Trudeau made an effort to thank those who helped the victims of this van attack, both emergency personnel and regular civilians. He continued to mention the great calm with which emergency personnel responded in an effort to mitigate the situation.  So what was missing from his address? It seems like he said all the right thingsContinue reading

Why Your Reminders Should Be Subtle

When asking others for a favor, or to complete a task, there may come a time to remind them to do the things you’ve asked from them. You may be an office manager trying to get your team on track, or find yourself needing to remind your significant other that they’ve left the water boiling on the stove. Reminding others of things they may, or may not, have forgotten can be a sensitive domain to navigate. Though it may seem innocent by nature, being reminded of a task tells us that those reminding us assume we’ve forgotten what to do. IfContinue reading

How to Make the Best Impression at a Reunion

Have you ever looked at an old photo of yourself and cringed at the idea of who you presented yourself to be? You may have been your authentic self at that time, but as you’ve evolved, so have your interests, looks, and ideas. What you wore 10 years ago may look silly today. Your hairstyle may have been shaped by a wacky trend, and you may have cared more about looking good rather than looking happy. Analyzing our past self often leaves us wondering how we ever left the house looking like we did. The pain that comes with lookingContinue reading

Three Traits of Influence You Can Learn From Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson has attained vast success in the expansion and adoption of his thinking. Make no mistake about it, the majority of his influence stems directly from the content of the ideas he presents. Powerful ideas require extraordinary amounts of thinking, studying, analyzing, and testing. It is evident that Jordan Peterson has spent a lifetime enhancing the ideas which he presents. He carries with him the experience of practicing as a clinical psychologist, working as professor, and writing prolifically. His ideas are powerful enough to travel vastly, and the ability to think those thoughts cannot be taught with a singleContinue reading

How to Gain Respect After Making a Serious Mistake

The process of making a mistake, correcting the things gone wrong, and learning from the experience comes with painful realizations. Mistakes force us to accept our factual imperfections, and sometimes serve to tear apart visions we had of ourselves. When our mistakes are acknowledged by others, we tend to feel a sort of shame and embarrassment. The way others perceive us is an important thing to manage, and mistakes can ruin the perceptions we try so hard to uphold. Making a serious mistake can hurt your image in the eyes of others, lead to you being seen as unreliable, and canContinue reading