Why Your Weaknesses Will Be Exploited

If you are an honest human being, you know that you have weaknesses that need work. These weaknesses are what make you work hard in order to hopefully overcome them, day in and day out. The insecurities that you hold are extremely visible to those around you. Thereby if you have identified a weakness of yours, you must quickly begin work to fix the issue. While you are at work fixing the issues causing your weaknesses to exist, you should have no time to feel insecure. Your efforts are much better off being focused on fixing your weaknesses than swimming in insecurities.Continue reading

Why You Need to Know If Attacks Are Personal

Human nature makes us accept any negativity from one another as personal attacks on our being. Whether someone cut you off in traffic, shoved you on the sidewalk, or wrote a nasty email about you at work, if you get upset at these occurrences then you took them personally. Freeing yourself from taking everything that happens to you personally will clear up your mind to focus on the things that you need to focus on in your day. Evaluating Before Judging The fact of the matter is that most, if not all the things you currently take as attacks against youContinue reading

How to Stand Out in Your Manager’s Eyes

You may have heard the advice of providing management with solutions rather than coming to them with problems you need help with. That is good advice when you are able to find a solution to an issue. However, showing your managers how you work through problems you have not yet found solutions for can benefit you as well. Working out problems outside your scope of work along with upper management is an effective way of standing out in your manager’s eyes when you cannot get to the solution by yourself. Standing out in your superiors’ eyes at work is much more thanContinue reading

How Cursing and Being Brash Can Increase Your Influence

The issue with conforming to normal behavior is that everyone else is conforming to it as well. When you are being politically correct, you by nature stand out less than the brash people around you. Being brash and going against the norm will typically cause you to stand out in a negative light rather than playing to your benefit. The decision to stand out from the crowd is therefore plagued by this dilemma. Do you conform to normality and the typical way of delivering your ideas and risk not being heard? Or do you forcefully stand out from the crown andContinue reading

How to Improve the Quality of Advice You Receive

On your path to fulfilling the goals that you set for yourself, you will sometimes feel a need to get the opinions and advice of those around you. Their advice will help in many ways, and can be a guiding beacon in times of absolute darkness. Something that people often forget is that the quality of advice one receives is dependent on both the giver as well as the receiver of the advice. Your questions for collecting beneficial advice need to be structured well, and be constructed in a manner which fishes out a tangible and actionable piece of advice.Continue reading

Why You Should Call Out the Call-Out

You’ve made mistakes in your life, and so has everyone that your eyes are laid on. No human exists who bats 1.000 and there’s no person who is always right in what they do or say. Realizing that you will mess up in life is essential to accept and adapt towards. You should not aim to be a perfect human being, as you will never become one. You need to learn how to accept your mistakes, mitigate their effects on those around you and yourself, and then try to use them to your advantage. Your Mistakes Will Be “Called Out”Continue reading

How to Get Better Job References

Most people begin thinking about reference letters when the time comes to have them ready to show their future employers. To a establish solid reference, you need to invest your time and energy early in the process. To start things off, as you leave a professional position you should make it a priority to maintain a strong communication channel with potential future references. Your references will come from a continued and prolonged relationship, in which you should be genuinely interested in the person from which you want a reference. Once you leave a position for a new one, send regular emailsContinue reading

How to Ensure Your Nightmares Don’t Come True

You may be going through life fearing of losing your job, fighting with your friends, or your family discovering your dishonesty. We are humans, so the first thing to do is remember that as a human being, you are destined to mess up and experience failures in life. We fear our biggest failures and shortcomings coming back to haunt us and rub our faces in the very crap that we have created. In order to ensure that your nightmares do not come true, strip the power they hold over your outlook. It is not a big deal, no matter whatContinue reading

How to Suppress Emotional Responses in Others

The question in the title can seem Machiavellian in nature, and it very well may be. The fact of the matter is that controlling the emotions of others is a simpler undertaking than you may believe it to be. Humans are affected by each other to an extent which perhaps goes unnoticed by yourself and the people who influence you. We are influenced in all aspects of what we do, from the body language that we display to our actions, plans, and speaking patterns. As an aside, when somebody is taking part in an interaction in which they feel uncomfortable in, theirContinue reading

How to Improve Your Patience Threshold

Being patient is generally an advantage in life. It is well established that acting out due to emotion or discomfort without much thought or meditation does not often lead to desired results. In order to achieve the goals that you set for yourself, you will need to learn how to be patient through annoying times and events. We lose patience because we feel like we are losing control of what our time is being spent on. When somebody makes you do something that you don’t want to be doing at that very moment in time, you will begin to loseContinue reading