Why Your Teachings Should Not Be Forceful

You’ll look for ways to improve the methods by which you teach as you transition from being a pupil, child, or subordinate towards being a teacher, parent, or leader. While riding the aging process none have yet escaped, we begin thinking about how we make our mark on the world that taught us all we know. We begin presenting information in packages we hope others accept and understand. Much like growing as a student, the growth of a teacher doesn’t seem to reach a level of perfection; only a constant state of improvement. Let this advice become an addition to your questContinue reading

Why You Should Recognize Verbal Jabs but Not React

Verbal jabs are comments which hint on a weakness, misdoing, or sensitive topic of yours. These comments are meant to elicit a response of revenge or anger by design, and are typically effective in doing so. The potency of verbal jabs stems from the fact that they are often implicit in how they’re delivered. It takes some thought to figure out the true meaning of a well-placed and painful comment from another. Your anger will be delayed, which in itself will put you at a disadvantage should you want to respond to a particular comment made by the other. This article willContinue reading

How to Send Mass Emails So People Don’t Hate You

We judge the emails we receive with how useful they are in their direct effects on us. When people send mass emails, whether it be for marketing purposes or for professional communication, they tend to be large in scope and low in the personal meaning they contain. The line between spam and useful information does not call one place home. Each person you send an email to has their own definition of spam, and will judge the information you send differently. There may not be a scientific method yet created for sending the perfect email but this does not mean you shouldn’tContinue reading

3 Tips for Increasing Influence You Can Learn From Vladimir Putin

Disclaimer: We have no affiliations with Russia, Putin. We do not endorse his politics, tactics, strategy, or actions. To get better at learning things from those you analyze, be realistic about which aspects of their behavior you can adopt immediately and which habits have been shaped by years of practice and hard work. This case study will highlight a select few seconds from various video clips of Vladimir Putin. We will highlight and expand on three small, and possibly unnoticed aspects of his behavior towards others. These tips are powerful because you can adopt them instantly, without needing to becomeContinue reading

How to Expose Secrets Safely and Effectively (Inform, Double-Cross, Whistle-Blow)

Times may come when revealing damaging secrets about somebody else will be beneficial to both yourself as well as those around you. The ethical dilemmas in revealing secrets – which will serve to damage the reputation or livelihood of another – are yours to manage. If your decision has been made, and if the effects you predict for doing so are worth it, then it is in your best interest to act in the least dangerous way. There are steps you can take to limit the potential damage that you bring upon yourself by acting as a whistle-blower. Notwithstanding the promises ofContinue reading

Why You Should Be Careful Bringing Up People’s Past

You’ve probably had the reaction of cringing while looking at your old high school photos. Our past is sometimes a sensitive subject, which we often try to glaze over with the confidence of the current-day. There is advice out there to not let your past mistakes define you, and to try improving for the future by starting with doing things right today. The existence of these sayings gives validity to the notion of our past sometimes being painful. The lack of ability to change things which happened in the past can cause a lot of regret to build up inside a person,Continue reading

How to Use All Or Nothing Negotiation Techniques Successfully

During times of negotiation, whether it be towards professional or personal agreements, you’ll be faced with deciding on the type of negotiation techniques to implement. All or nothing  propositions should generally be avoided, as they put you, as well as the people you’re negotiating with in an uncomfortable position. Drastic propositions can turn ugly, and you may find yourself losing your job, your friends, or other relationships you’ve worked long and hard to build. However, the bigger your ask, the larger your threat should become. All or nothing propositions are typically used when people ask for something big and out of theContinue reading

How to Recover From Being Embarrassed – And Gain Respect Doing So

Embarrassing moments are difficult to recover from. You’ll find yourself playing moments of embarrassment over in your mind, and those regret-filled thoughts can paralyze you in similar situations down the line. Embarrassing moments can lead to emotional decisions being made and cause extreme anxiety during the moment in question. The first thing you should remember is that nobody goes through life without being embarrassed a few times. The feelings are normal, and you wouldn’t be of healthy mind if you didn’t instantly regret some things you’ve done or said. So how should you conduct yourself in moments of embarrassment? This articleContinue reading

Why You Should Be Charitable With Your Knowledge

Other people will want in on your intellectual property and unique ideas, if they’re any good. People will ask you questions about what they perceive you to be good at and you’ll need to make a decision of how much you tell them. You may hold some information closer to heart than other less important knowledge, and may not want to expose information which gives you a competition advantage over others. This article will argue for the dissemination of your full knowledge if it is asked of you, as long as it does not directly put you or others in harm’s way. Continue reading

Why You Should Accept Apologies Without Added Commentary

Think back to the times when you had to apologize for being wrong. Remember that frog sitting in your throat and how difficult it sometimes was to let out all the words you wanted to say? Apologizing for your misdoings is not easy. Emotions run high and the mood is unstable. To make things go smoothly, both the person apologizing as well as the person receiving the apology must play their cards right. People study how to effectively apologize for their wrong-doings but the art of receiving an apology is not often entertained. In your analysis of what it takes to beContinue reading

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