How Not to Seem Boring to People Around You

People are not influenced by the common thoughts of others.

In order to influence others you need to deliver unique thoughts into the world. When analyzing people, you will notice how common the thoughts and comments of the average person are. People tend to have similar triggers for the particular things that they speak about.

Say, for example, a traffic light pole fell on the street; what percentage of the people that see it will comment on it falling? The answer to that is probably close to 100%.

In another scenario however, the direction in which a person looks when they deliver a talk to a group during a particular moment in time is not likely to be called out by many people in the crowd. Most of the time, the little things that go unnoticed are not significant to you or others around you. Sometimes though, there are significant things that are merely missed by the common crowd.


A Keen Eye

In order to seem interesting to others, practice noticing the significant things that most people miss and which they refrain from commenting on. Count on the average person commenting on the things that are easy to notice around you and practice living within the intricacies of the world. Be in tune with the details around you and comment on the things that are usually missed by those around you. People will gravitate towards the person who notices what others do not, in a fear of missing out on information.

This is a skill that gets better with practice, and gets more rewarding with more repetitions. People around you will get used to getting new information from you and will not be bored with what you have to offer. The fact that the average person contributes information which is insignificant to the world is not a fact which is taken seriously by most. Not being boring to the people around you involves realizing that there is a lot of white noise around. You have to make it a priority to only make comments when you are contributing to the wealth of knowledge to the world around you.

Boring people are not interesting, and therefore do not notice interesting things around them. Tune your meter to what you think is interesting around you, and make sure that what you notice has not been noticed by people before you. In order to seem interesting to those around you, you need to provide people with information which is hard to discover. Do not provide information which has been already discovered by others, and practice noticing things that go unnoticed by the majority.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims in any way.