October 27th, 2021

Why You Should Let Go of Your Ideas

Lost ideas are those which you thought of and forgot to write down. They’re the ideas that were so good, you forgot all about them. Until it is time to reach into memory, you’re very sure you will always remember them. Losing those good ideas doesn’t feel too good. The pain stems deep and you feel a great deal of loss. There was potential for those ideas to morph into the next Apple, Microsoft, Google. Now they’re morphing into nothing.

Your two realistic solutions for forgetting of an idea are either to try remembering, or let go and move on. Most people balance the two approaches out; they first try to remember it, then are forced to move on. The being forced to move on part is the key to remember here. Moving on from lost ideas on your own accord is beneficial, but do not be forced to. Do not be on your knees looking for the ideas that you lost. Let them go without grief, and trust yourself in creating new ideas – which you will then make sure to write down.

Every Good Idea is a Repetition

Ideas seldom come in out of nowhere. There are patterns that take place to you arriving at a good idea. Learn what those patterns are; what the mood should be, what the time of day should be, and what music should be on. That’s a good start. After that, learn how your brain travels from one thought to another. Every good idea undergoes the process in steps. Its creation is dependent on a series of steps, ranging from complicated to simple, coming together into harmony.

Know that every idea doesn’t need to bring forth tremendous profit. Be thankful for your ideas in what they do to improve you. You followed a series of steps and sprouted something of your own. It is a thing to be proud of without looking for other returns. Any returns you make on your ideas are simply bonuses, and should not measure whether or not your idea was a good one. Let go of ideas in that sense, and be thankful for their contribution to future thoughts.

Your future ideas are going to have the repetitions of the past guiding their creations. They will on average be better than those of years prior, and will on average be more fruitful as well. Your ability to think of good ideas is a skill, not just a moment in time. Keep thinking, keep creating, and let go of your past creations without holding on one bit. Let them float back into the river from which they came.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims in any way.