How to Lessen the Pain of Goodbyes


Goodbyes are painful because we fear forgetting and being forgotten. If you were to approach the painful feeling of saying goodbye as a problem with potential solutions, then being memorable is a good first start. In order for goodbyes to hurt less, you need to find effective ways of lingering in the minds of others for a long time. If your ideas live on inside the minds of who you interact with after you are no longer physically there, then you will feel the pain of goodbyes less. 

This needs to be a two-channel approach however, and you must make every effort to understand people around you akin to making them understand you. The key to being remembered and remembering others is to make deep connections during the time that you are together. These connections turn deep as your communication between yourselves grows strong. Your words will not be the only pathways to communication, and different frequencies will begin matching, resulting in a perfect exchange of information.

Tuning Two Frequencies to Match

The connections you make with other people in your life can be measured by how in-tune both minds become to one another. Communication skills are what begin this process, then understanding between the two of you quickly begins to grow large. If you want goodbyes to hurt less, make your frequency linger, be accessible, and be memorable in the mind of another. Do not aim to make them remember what you say, but in how you said it. The tune with which we operate extends deeper than only the words that we say. It extends into the most minimal of actions, deeds, and efforts.

Perfect the frequency that you exhibit towards other people, and tweak it to match their own. There is nobody that will accept all your beliefs as total truth without questioning them. Thereby you need to be willing to constantly tune your frequency depending on who you are interacting with. Take it as a job upon yourself to make the two energies match, striking the perfect chord. The sound of this chord will be so pleasant that you will live on in the minds of one another for longer than the two of you can physically manage. 

The .zip File

The overarching goal goes deeper than just remaining in memory, but remaining in memory via dynamic fashion. Imagine compressing yourself into an AI which can be transported through ideas. Make it a priority for the listeners to unpackage your software and run the application inside their minds. Make them understand your ideas to a point of being able to test them. This means teach your ideas to others in an effort for them to be tested, and thereby remembered. 

Tuning the signal of two beings is hard work which brings forth lasting rewards. There will be people who are less willing to tune their signal than you are, so if you want to make an impact on these people in the long term, you must take on the responsibility of tuning. 

Book Recommendation: 

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Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations For Working Through Grief by [Hickman, Martha W.]


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