How to Stop Drama in Your Life (Arguments, Disagreements, and Fights)

Drama, and the stress around it, is caused by two or more people – yes, at least two – letting their actions be charged with emotional pain. The emotional pain they experience may not be there in reality, but one’s reality is only as real as one’s perception. The first step in the process is feeling emotional pain, and the second is to charge your actions with it. Actions charged with emotion can be seen from a mile away at work, in public, or even in your private household. They stand out and draw attention like no other. In short, drama at work or anywhere else does not have an upside. You will be the attention of gossip, misinformation, and misrepresentation if you engage in arguments, battles, and public disagreements.

Say Goodbye to Facts

Your need to prove a point to does bring enough benefits to override the detriment of being argumentative. This means it is typically not worth proving a point, even if by factual law you are right. It is extremely hard to swallow your pride of being true to the facts and retreat from feeling and showing displeasure. You will feel displeasure at work and in your personal life, so you must know what the triggers to your displeasure are. Do not attach that displeasure to any actions you do or words you speak. Bury any displeasure you experience at work or in public, be robotic in only that regard. Be in tune, be creative, but know that the people around you simply cannot influence the mood you’re in.

The Role of People in Your Mind

Let’s take coworkers as an example. Coworkers are not a class of people in your life which you should let past your public shell. All people have a public shell protecting their private information and coworkers have no need to see your private insides. Please see here on more about why you shouldn’t befriend people at work. Not having your coworkers close to your heart will limit the pain caused by what they do or say. Making friends with coworkers counteracts the maintenance of mental peace at the workplace. Friends are likelier to get into disagreements because neither has the shyness to back off their point.

When you don’t let people in too close to your heart, you will be able to let go of being right as their opinion would matter less to you. Having a truly professional relationships with coworkers, not letting strangers in to secrets easily, and keeping a small circle of good friends will lessen the amount of arguments and fights you get into.

Fear What You Don’t Know

When we get into disagreements, we tend to believe that we’re going to come up victorious. Though this mindset is requirement in the heat of battle, the analysis before the battle should be strict. Your analysis and senses should not be drawn towards confrontation of any kind. You have to remember that all other people are capable of causing real pain to you. There are people whose fuse is easier to light than yours, and your judgement on the lengths they will take to prove a point may be off. Fear what you do not know about people rather than bet against it. That bet is a painful one to lose.

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