How to Ensure Your Nightmares Don’t Come True

You may be going through life fearing of losing your job, fighting with your friends, or your family discovering your dishonesty. We are humans, so the first thing to do is remember that as a human being, you are destined to mess up and experience failures in life. We fear our biggest failures and shortcomings coming back to haunt us and rub our faces in the very crap that we have created. In order to ensure that your nightmares do not come true, strip the power they hold over your outlook. It is not a big deal, no matter what reality presents itself to be. You will survive and you will continue with life. The nightmares that you fear today will not continue to birth fear within you as time goes by, and it’s important to remember the fact that your nightmares have a diminishing level of fear to them.

To strip the power that the things you fear have over you, you have to visualize them happening before they do while visualizing how life would be after they occur. If you fear the death of your mother, then you must visualize it happening. Become at peace with the fact of it happening by visualizing all the details that surround it.

Visualize all your nightmares coming true multiple times over. This will take time and will need its own window in your day. You have to be scared and force yourself to imagine the worst possible scenario occurring. You will slowly start becoming jaded to the fact of that nightmare making its mark on reality. You will then start automatically planning for how to respond when that nightmare does take place. You will develop a plan of action without knowing it. The act of visualizing the things you fear most sets off a chain of events in overcoming, and preparing for, those things.

Be ready for every possible combination of events taking place in life if you want to be successful in overcoming every obstacle. Meditating on one’s nightmare is not what ordinary people do, hence setting you apart in your preparation for them occurring.

The reason we fear things is because there is a chance of them taking place. You do not fear the Earth splitting in half beneath you, as the chances of that happening are minimal. If by chance there was an event in which the Earth splitting in half became a likely reality, then the fear of that happening would grow. If you’re a rational person, the things you fear most are scary because there is a likelihood of them happening – thereby they have merit and should be taken seriously. You would not fear something which has no chance of taking place, which is why it is important to meditate on these fears just as it is important to visualize the successes that you dream of.

Do not ignore what you fear, and simply hope that those events do not take place. Know your nightmares inside out, study them, accept them, and then plan for them.

Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims in any way.