April 23rd, 2021

Why You Can’t Be Picky When Receiving Favors

You’re likely familiar with the catchy axiom related to the subject of this article: “Beggars can’t be choosers.” What is it about being picky whilst receiving favors from others that is so bad? Since the ones who are helping us out have already made their desire known, it makes sense for us to optimize their help with … Read more

Why Your Patterns Are More Important Than Your Acts in Stealth

This article is a write-up about keeping your general patterns of behavior in mind when thinking about the attention your individual acts may garner.  The need to remain discreet in day-to-day tasks isn’t always rooted in nefarious soil. Attention brings with it negativity notwithstanding which acts garner that attention.  An individual’s capacity to efficiently complete … Read more

Why Victims of Oppression Grow More Loving

This article is a warning to oppressors of any kind; victims of your oppression are sensitive to empathy, and will (strongly) bond over it.  The tale of giving when one’s got nothing left to give is universally poignant. It preaches hope to the hopeless by containing an important lesson about love. The lesson contained defines … Read more

Why Complaining About Where You Stand Will Get You Demoted

This article will cover the topic of being displeased with others’ ranking of you in the various social domains you find yourself in.  Managing people involves organizing them, prioritizing certain ones, and triaging those who need help most. The ones managing the groups in need of management share common management methods notwithstanding what domain they … Read more

Why the Observer Identity Is a Social Hack 

This article presents reasons why you should focus on maintaining an observer mindset in regards to the people you socially surround yourself with.  Our contentment with the goals we set for ourselves is dented when watching others so vehemently achieve their own. People seem to know exactly who they are, what they need to do, … Read more

Why There Are Traps to Being Overly Private / Secluded

We think we can ignore pain until we realize pain from past events influencing our behavior in the current day. People attempt to appear strong in the face of pain to their detriment down the line. They ignore it, drink it away, only to then unknowingly project it, allow it to damage their relations with … Read more