August 1st, 2021

Why It’s Strategic to Downplay Your Experience

One of life’s more interesting scenarios to analyze is someone answering a question akin to, “Have you done this before?” To the ignorance of the one answering, their answer can set the tune for how their interactions play out in the long run. Pride is a difficult thing to curb. Walking into a boxing class … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Alienate People When You Criticize Them

A common mistake people make while delivering criticism is serving to alienate the person they are critiquing. Making the people you criticize feel alone in a puddle of their mistakes is not an effective way of teaching a lesson. Allowing someone to feel alone with their mistakes discourages them from making the changes needed to move … Read more

Why You Can’t Be Picky When Receiving Favors

You’re likely familiar with the catchy axiom related to the subject of this article: “Beggars can’t be choosers.” What is it about being picky whilst receiving favors from others that is so bad? Since the ones who are helping us out have already made their desire known, it makes sense for us to optimize their help with … Read more

Why Complaining About Where You Stand Will Get You Demoted

This article will cover the topic of being displeased with others’ ranking of you in the various social domains you find yourself in.  Managing people involves organizing them, prioritizing certain ones, and triaging those who need help most. The ones managing the groups in need of management share common management methods notwithstanding what domain they … Read more

Why There Are Traps to Being Overly Private / Secluded

We think we can ignore pain until we realize pain from past events influencing our behavior in the current day. People attempt to appear strong in the face of pain to their detriment down the line. They ignore it, drink it away, only to then unknowingly project it, allow it to damage their relations with … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Use Words Which Minimize Your Mistakes

Someone’s description of getting into a fender bender can take the form of “I hit the other car,” or, “I tapped the other car.” Though the action and its consequences wouldn’t have changed in the matter, the latter description above minimizes the deed through the strategic use of a subtler verb. If you pay close … Read more