October 28th, 2021

Why You Shouldn’t Look for Holes in a Curious Student’s Exploration

You’ll be tasked with teaching others in life. As time keeps ticking, you’ll gradually morph from being a consistent student to an occasional teacher. You’ll then become the consistent teacher and occasional student. Though the wise are students until the day they die, they see value in teaching others what they’ve learned.  Your students will … Read more

Why the Waves of Life Will Wash Over Every Hole You Dig

A search for depth in a world which is seemingly becoming shallower is taxing. Akin to saying your name 30 times over, the things you see around you will sometimes suddenly lose their meaning. Your quest for depth will take you to new places. You’ll be keen to push the limits on what life has … Read more

Why Behavior Online Is Shaped by Small Inconveniences, Not Big Walls

People are increasingly finding themselves to be moderating online communities. As online tools develop a sense of reliability behind their functions, new opportunities to create unique communities arise. Online classrooms, work from home initiatives, niche discussion forums, and comment sections under the content you publish call for some kind of behavior moderation. The presence of … Read more

Why You Should Switch Seats With People Who Want to Sit Together

You’ve likely witnessed a few glimpses of human sympathy peak through monotonous and systemic travel processes. The act of commercialized travel is – appropriately – a computerized, calculated, and meticulously managed one. For someone who may be a fan of a more professional, controlled, travel process, acts of randomness are often a nuisance.  The efficient, … Read more

Why You Should Be Careful Making Friends at Work

Spending your days around your coworkers can lead to the development of unprofessional relationships. The development of these relationships feels very normal and true at the time of them developing. It is a person’s natural inclination to develop social relationships with those they are surrounded by. However, it is worth remembering that a professional work environment … Read more

Why You Should Be Careful Talking About A Streak of Failures

We tend to categorize the people we come across in life. We have friends who are supremely computer-literate, friends who are master bargainers, and we know people who are fitness freaks. There are many categories which we can group the people we know by. An interesting exercise of self reflection is analyzing ourselves and which … Read more

Why You Should Take a Chance on Hiring an Inexperienced Employee

As someone who may have stepped a few rungs up the corporate ladder by now, you’re likely well aware of the trials that potential hires undergo.  New employees are rightfully put through the ringer prior to being on boarded. Their experience is tested, their references are checked, and their communication skills are analyzed. They’re asked … Read more

Why You Should Hear People Out in Full

You’ll meet people who know less than you in certain facets. The people you interact with may not know that you used to study the piano as a child, and just how wrong they are in their discourse of music theory. Some may not have any idea that you’re in fact a skilled computer coder … Read more