How to Influence Group Behavior in a Practical Manner

When you are in a position of power over groups of people, you have the ability to influence their behavior. Whether you influence the behavior of groups in a positive direction is up to you to morally come to terms with. However, the rules and tools with which group behavior is altered tend to not … Read more

Why You Should Notice, but Not Expose, Others’ Mental Weaknesses

Much like developing a muscular, athletic, strong body, the development of our mental strength shines light on weaknesses in others. Once you focus on strengthening your legs, and developing the size of your arms, you’ll begin to notice just how weak others’ legs, and small their arms, tend to be. You’ll realize that people tend … Read more

How to Address Criticism of Your Clickbait Titles

This article is about dealing with complaints from your audience about the – perhaps exaggerated – titles of the content you create. In your efforts to produce online content, you’ve likely discovered certain rules and guidelines you must abide by to be successful. Success as a content creator online is in large part defined by … Read more

How to Recover From a Serious Mistake and Gain Respect Doing So

This article aims to illuminate a path toward legitimate self improvement when there seems to be no hope. The process of making a mistake, correcting the things gone wrong, and learning from the experience comes with painful realizations. Mistakes force us to accept our factual imperfections, and sometimes serve to tear apart visions we had … Read more

Why You Should Be Gentle Correcting Naive People

The intellect of those you meet in life will vary. You’ll meet some people who know more than you in specific facets of life, and you’ll meet those who just can’t get on the same page. These instances are typically not of concern in everyday life. However, when there are consequences to a person’s naivety, … Read more

Why You Should Admit to the Unfair Advantages You Possess

There are few interactions which occur on absolutely equal ground. Even if the factors are controlled as much as possible, life’s unfair ways seem to always make their mark on our reality. The athletes partaking in a 100m sprint (a seemingly fair and controlled competition) didn’t all eat the same thing, and sleep in the … Read more

How to Use the Heat of the Moment to Control Future Behavior

In Short: The presence of witnesses to the things we say changes our experience of saying things in the heat of the moment. Enticing others to make proclamations of their own in the heat of the moment seems to be effective in encouraging them to hold up those proclamations when the moment’s heat fizzles out. … Read more

How to Recover From Being Embarrassed – And Gain Respect Doing So

Embarrassing moments are difficult to recover from. You’ll find yourself playing embarrassing highlights over in your mind. Those regret-filled thoughts can paralyze you in similar situations down the line and can moisten your upper lip as you lay awake at night in a heightened state. Embarrassing moments can lead to emotional decisions being made and … Read more

Why Those Whom You Distract Will Hate You

One of the more impactful mistakes you can make is to go about your life without noticing the effects you have on others. Your state of assessing your own actions and behavior should be perpetual. Being in tune with the mark you make on the ones around you will educate you on how to improve … Read more

Why You Should Generally Avoid Going Back the Way You Came

This article is about a principle of preventing information about you from being actionable. The metaphor of taking the same path back the way you came from will be applied to all forms of travel / progress, whether physical or not. Career moves can fall into the category of going back the way you came, … Read more