Why You Should Not Exploit Favors Others Do for You

People will help you out in life. Especially if the favors you receive from people are ongoing, the way you handle your role as the recipient is a sensitive undertaking. The people doing you a favor are doing so from an understanding of you to be in need. If your words or actions deviate from expressing your … Read more

Why Giving Nicknames Is an Effective Method of Control

Nicknames are fun. In your childhood years, you may have had a nickname which others used to communicate with, and about, you. People who know our nicknames are typically regarded as closer in relation than people who do not. Knowing and using your friend’s nickname in everyday interactions signifies a closeness which is difficult to … Read more

How to React to Terrorism and Discourage Future Acts

Disclaimer: This article is written from the context of immediately finding out about news of a terrorist attack. (Prior to any legal proceedings, formal investigations, etc.) If you’re a leader in any domain of life, observers will often look to you for a guidance of opinion. Underestimating our ability to influence the minds of those … Read more

Why It’s Better If Others Defend You

Accusations come in varying forms. Depending on the trigger of the accusations which come your way, there isn’t much out there that one can’t get accused of under the right circumstance. The more influence you attain on your way toward achieving your goals, the more impactful the accusations against you will tend to be. Presidents … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Brag About Your Big Numbers

If you’ve ever witnessed someone begin their dialogue about their vacation and end it about how many emails they’ve got waiting for them at work as a result, then you know what this article will be about. People have a fascination with publicizing the big numbers associated with their lives. We like to mention how … Read more

Why Behavior Online Is Shaped by Small Inconveniences, Not Big Walls

People are increasingly finding themselves to be moderating online communities. As online tools develop a sense of reliability behind their functions, new opportunities to create unique communities arise. Online classrooms, work from home initiatives, niche discussion forums, and comment sections under the content you publish call for some kind of behavior moderation. The presence of … Read more

How to Deal With People Who Take Pleasure in Giving You Bad News

A somewhat depressing, but soothing, observation is that people are mainly redistributors and amplifiers of pain, not its creators. After studying those who’ve been hurt by unfortunate circumstances in their lives, their current behavioral mechanisms at play seem less puzzling. Allowing outside negativity to chip away at your positive internal outlook isn’t a path of … Read more

Why You Should Be Careful Talking About A Streak of Failures

We tend to categorize the people we come across in life. We have friends who are supremely computer-literate, friends who are master bargainers, and we know people who are fitness freaks. There are many categories which we can group the people we know by. An interesting exercise of self reflection is analyzing ourselves and which … Read more

How to Set Yourself Up to Receive Good Customer Service

The customer role is a difficult one to excel in. You may not have seriously analyzed the customer identity you adopt as you walk into a business establishment. However, the opportunities to positively influence others unveil themselves as you meditate on what a good customer looks and acts like. The exchange of fiscal resources for … Read more