How to Take Risky Actions Properly

Traits like courageousness and bravery are either acquired or learned by a select few. If a person lives a life filled with authentic lessons of courage and bravery, then they understand what it means to turn thought into action. Many live comfortable lives commuting to work during the day and running errands around their professional schedule. Though … Read more

How to Entice People to Answer Your Personal Questions

You may have witnessed your pride encourage you to divulge sensitive information in the past. As you found yourself in the process of vocalizing a truth you shouldn’t have said, you’d have realized it to be too late to reel in what you’ve already exposed. In such a situation, your pride would have been triggered … Read more

How to Get People to Accept the Advice You Give

Giving others advice is a tricky undertaking. People aren’t naturally open to receiving advice from those around them. Especially if you’re of the same caliber in skill, success, and general experience in life, giving advice to others is difficult to get right. Being seen as a “know it all” is likely, especially when you aren’t … Read more

Why Common Courtesy Is Powerful

We tend to remember others’ lapses in common courtesy. Committing kind gestures without receiving a “thank you” in return is demoralizing, and a door not held can ruin a morning’s peace. Acts of common courtesy are small but poignant. They serve to remind us of virtues that we should live by, with respect and kindness … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Explain Why You’re Helping Someone

A subtle trap that kind people get caught in, is one of voicing why they’ve decided to help another person out. You may have tried your hand at helping someone in the past, only for them to reject your help with overwhelming humility. The reasons they voice, all seem to hint on them not deserving … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Vary in Your Show of Attention

The people in your life are grouped into various mental categories. These categories aren’t linear in their listing. Specific categories may distinguish the level of trust you have for your various friends. Other categories can represent which floors your acquaintances at work sit on. In an effort to articulate the motive of this article, the … Read more

How to Interact With Those Who Break Their Own Rules

People make goals for themselves and consistently do not meet them. A part of being a person is to be imperfect. You’ll realize how lost people who look like they have everything under control really are, and you’ll consistently catch people breaking their own rules. There will be people who go on diets and fail … Read more