How to Address Missing Parts of a Subordinate’s Work / Deliverable

The responsibility of assessing whether certain requirements are met at work or school brings with it communication challenges. In a typical professional realm, requirements for deliverables of varying kinds are a staple. You’ll come across the communicative dynamics of setting requirements, ensuring they’re communicated clearly, and checking whether the expected output satisfies those requirements. The … Read more

How to Dissuade Low-ball Offers of “Exposure” for Creative Work

Online dealings have introduced independent contractors to the barrier that being promised “exposure” presents.  Particularly for creative pursuits, a client’s promise of market exposure is consistently being positioned as a replacement for monetary compensation. The promise of exposure never seems to just be a bonus of doing good business, but a bargaining tool to lower … Read more

How to Avoid Workplace Confrontations

The workplace is a battleground of ideas. Colleagues compete for who comes up with the best plan about what needs to be done at any given time, and try to implement their thoughts into productive action. People’s personal stakes get involved in the ideas for which they vouch. Even the most educated dismissal of someone … Read more

How to Deal With a Manipulative Coworker

This article is about how to deal with a manipulative coworker, and habits to build in dealing with manipulative coworkers as a whole. It seeks to dissuade you from becoming negative, cunning, or manipulative with those who are cunning and manipulative to you. The stance taken on this page, is one of simply exposing manipulative … Read more

How to Write Mass / Bulk / Group Emails Properly

We judge the emails we receive by how useful they are in their direct effects on us. When people send mass emails, whether it be for marketing purposes or for professional communication, they tend to be large in scope and low in the personal meaning they contain. The line between spam and useful information does … Read more

How to Properly Assign Ownership of Tasks

As you grow in attaining positions of importance in life, you’ll often have to make decisions on whether to do work yourself or allow others to try. As someone who seeks order and control, this decision will be a difficult one to make. By assigning ownership to others, you lose a certain level of control over … Read more

Why You Should Beware of Praise at Work

The benefits of getting praised at work are well known by most. Depending on the praise that you receive, you can use positive evaluation of your work to further your career and get more people on your side of influence at work. Everybody respects a hard worker at work, and if the praise is deserved, there … Read more

How Helping Newcomers Succeed Increases Your Influence

The position you attain by way of the daily grind will be precious to you. Whether your goal is to become a vice president of a corporation, a headlining comedian, or the editor-in-chief of a local newspaper; you’ll need to put in years of consistent hard work. You’ll be expected to compete and come out … Read more

How to Motivate Someone to Complete a Difficult Task and Perform

The anxious will stand out when you become used to the difficulties they stress over.  As you repeatedly perform in life, you’ll find yourself mentoring new performers in your domain. They’ll be riddled with nerves in the beginning; their voices will shake and their printed speech will exaggerate their hands’ trembles.  Some will even question … Read more