September 27th, 2021

How to Talk to People Who Wish You Bad Luck

Whilst in the process of telling others our plans for the future, there are often subtle hints present when they want our plans to go down the drain. A common hint is the tendency for those to whom we tell our plans, to bring up worst case scenarios which are out of our control. It’s … Read more

How to Treat People Who Break Their Promises

A disappointing happening is one of having a promise made only for it to be broken once the person who made it reevaluates their stance. Promises made on a whim, or in the heat of the moment, are perhaps the most susceptible to disappointing us. You’ve likely experienced a friend or family member promise you … Read more

How to Handle People Who Don’t Give Straight Answers

Ulterior motives often influence the way that certain people answer certain questions. As people learn to be more sly, they’ll realize that simply refusing to answer questions can get them into just as much trouble as voicing the painful truth. Those listening, can make assumptions based on one’s lack of desire to answer a certain … Read more

How to Be Unpredictable and Use It to Your Advantage

Your plans and schemes are most powerful when they catch others by surprise. Unpredictability helps draw attention to the positive actions you commit. Unpredictability can mean allowing others to hear you sing beautifully for the first time, and may govern the act of solving a Rubik’s cube when someone hands you one by chance. You … Read more

How to Manage a PR Crisis (Mistakes & Angry Mobs)

With constantly expanding online opportunities to gain fame / infamy, PR crisis management is a pursuit more people are in need of being educated on. The study of public relations is becoming pertinent even to the average Joe who doesn’t have hundreds of employees and thousands of customers. Amassing a following on social media is … Read more

How to Deal With False Accusations in Everyday Life

This article is about being falsely accused of something you did not do. Knowing what to do when you are falsely accused is important. Your words and actions can either aid others in aligning their interpretation with reality or drive it even further into delusion. The process can feel like psychological torture. Such instances represent … Read more

How to Deal With People Who Always Make Excuses

While on your journey toward developing mental strength, you’ll begin to recognize times when people lack it. It can be frustrating to realize when people are full of excuses. Someone who makes excuses for everything often gets away with it for a while, until their habit becomes predictable from your perspective. A Somber Discovery You … Read more

How to Deal With Jealous Friends and Family

The ones you consider to be close aren’t immune to the feelings that jealousy and envy bring about. We compete with our friends – and even members of our family – as we chase the varying performance metrics that define our lives. Knowing how to deal with jealous people is a skill which can protect … Read more