April 23rd, 2021

How to Deal With People Who Always Make Excuses

While on your journey toward developing mental strength, you’ll begin to recognize times when people lack it. It can be frustrating to realize when people are full of excuses. Someone who makes excuses for everything often gets away with it for a while, until their habit becomes predictable from your perspective. A Somber Discovery You … Read more

How to Turn Your Enemies into Allies

Passion presents itself in a variety of ways throughout life. The passion with which somebody hates you can be utilized for good with the momentum that it carries. Hate aside, you should aim to utilize all passion displayed toward you for beneficial purposes. Whether you derive these benefits specifically for yourself or for those around … Read more

How to Deal With Jealous Friends and Family

The ones you consider to be close aren’t immune to the feelings that envy and jealousy brings about. We compete with our friends – and even members of our family – as we chase the varying performance metrics that define our lives. Knowing how to deal with jealous people is a skill which can protect … Read more

How to Make Gossip About You Invalid

In a professional environment, protecting your reputation should be a priority. Most would think of protecting their reputation in a direct way, by directly tackling external attacks on it with logical arguments and responses. Attacks on reputation however, are seldom sourced from logical reasons. Figuring out why there are attacks on your reputation and why … Read more

How to Introduce Nuance to Popular Ideologies / Trends You Disagree With

This article is about introducing your well thought-out opinion which may oppose one-sided group discourse you deem dangerous. Popular, one-sided ideologies seem to inevitably devolve into arming vocal, opportunistic minorities with mighty speaker phones and deafening earmuffs. The silencing forces those who disagree with popular ideas feel don’t remain stagnant. By the time a popular … Read more

How to Deal With Backstabbing Coworkers and Sabotaging Employees

This article provides tools for you to employ in dealing with sabotaging subordinates and backstabbing coworkers. You may have heard of the psychological concept of self-sabotage: the art of shooting oneself in the foot. Those who engage in self-sabotage seldom consciously recognize themselves partaking in the act. They build habits which bring them comfort, but … Read more

How to Perform Well in Online Meetings / Web Conferences

This article is about adjusting your interpersonal habits to supplement your status of working from home (remote work).  You’ll find that the dynamics of interpersonal interactions change when you begin working remotely. The three main methods of communication you’ll be exposed to are long form written (e.g. emails), instant written (e.g. messengers, chats), and audio … Read more

How to Be Genuinely Happy for Others’ Success

This article hopes to motivate and train your perspective to perceive others’ success as good news for you. Brute forcing yourself to feel genuine happiness for others will leave you in a state worse than that of giving in to any preliminary envy you feel. Genuine happiness can’t be forced, as it seems to originate … Read more