October 28th, 2021

How to Handle Running Into Someone You’re Avoiding

There are hills and valleys to the relationships we have with people. Your friends will tire you out, and your colleagues’ jokes will leave you bored. We sometimes willingly avoid those whose company we generally enjoy. Other times, we avoid those whose company we don’t enjoy at all. We avoid people for a variety of … Read more

How to Deal With People Who Take Pleasure in Giving You Bad News

A somewhat depressing, but soothing, observation is that people are mainly redistributors and amplifiers of pain, not its creators. After studying those who’ve been hurt by unfortunate circumstances in their lives, their current behavioral mechanisms at play seem less puzzling. Allowing outside negativity to chip away at your positive internal outlook isn’t a path of … Read more

How to Set Yourself Up to Receive Good Customer Service

The customer role is a difficult one to excel in. You may not have seriously analyzed the customer identity you adopt as you walk into a business establishment. However, the opportunities to positively influence others unveil themselves as you meditate on what a good customer looks and acts like. The exchange of fiscal resources for … Read more

How Cursed Disagreeable Narcissists Really Are

The reluctance to apologize for things done wrong is a bitter character trait. A person achieves narcissistic status when that reluctance grows into blatant refusal. This article is about the self-sabotaging traps of constant narcissistic disagreement. The ones who understand agreement to signal loss and argument to signal triumph blindly curse their own existence. Their … Read more

How to Deal With Those Who Plead Innocence

It’s difficult to talk someone into owning the mistakes they’ve made. Our findings may be off, they can respond with evidence of their own, and both tend to dig their heels down with vigor. The people you accuse of being at fault in the face of their mistakes in everyday life will tend to not … Read more

How to Deal With a Friend Who Bullies Others

Being friends/acquaintances with a bully is a bad look. The friends we choose in life are never perfect. There will be traits you see in friends which can damage your relationship with them as well as your own reputation in the eyes of others. Being friends with a bully is a bad look because it … Read more

How to Increase Your Authority by Going Against the Grain

We seem to be enthralled by those who see success by taking uncommon paths. A person making a good living running a small business is more impressive in our perception than someone who works a common office job making the same amount. With all things considered, many would go to the person who runs their … Read more

How to Make Elderly People Like You – and Why You Should

You Already Know the Lessons That the Elderly Teach Kids, often unwillingly, are forced to say hello to the scary elderly man sitting on his rocking chair when they visit for dinner. They become shy; a little scared, and hesitate to embrace those who’ve lived life for a long time. As these kids grow older, … Read more