January 22nd, 2021

How to Deal With Backstabbing Coworkers and Sabotaging Employees

This article provides tools for you to employ in dealing with sabotaging subordinates and backstabbing coworkers. You may have heard of the psychological concept of self-sabotage: the art of shooting oneself in the foot. Those who engage in self-sabotage seldom consciously recognize themselves partaking in the act. They build habits which bring them comfort, but … Read more

How to Perform Well in Online Meetings / Web Conferences

This article is about adjusting your interpersonal habits to supplement your status of working from home (remote work).  You’ll find that the dynamics of interpersonal interactions change when you begin working remotely. The three main methods of communication you’ll be exposed to are long form written (e.g. emails), instant written (e.g. messengers, chats), and audio … Read more

How to Be Genuinely Happy for Others’ Success

This article hopes to motivate and train your perspective to perceive others’ success as good news for you. Brute forcing yourself to feel genuine happiness for others will leave you in a state worse than that of giving in to any preliminary envy you feel. Genuine happiness can’t be forced, as it seems to originate … Read more

How to Address Bad / Negative Reviews of Your Product Online

Entrepreneurial individuals have experienced an increase in tools which help them deliver solutions to our world’s problems to the appropriate consumers in need.  A person with a good idea, the right knowledge, and an adequate work ethic can set up shop in historic record time. There are tools to get your site online today, your … Read more

How to Ask for a Big Favor and Improve Your Chances in Getting It

Two major barriers in asking for big favors are the expression of vulnerability and the prospect of being rejected after doing so.  A request for a favor depends on the clear expression of a specific need. Asking your colleague for a ride home from work is predicated on telling them that you didn’t drive to … Read more

How to Socially Dominate Extroverts as an Introvert

Extroversion is widely perceived as being an advantageous social skill to possess. Akin to what seems to be overly generic advice, people often suggest shy individuals to open up and become a little more extroverted around others. The desire to transition from being introverted to becoming extroverted is rooted in two premises which can be … Read more

How to Mediate an Argument Between Two Friends

Being tasked with the burden of figuring out which one of two friends is right in a dispute is a scenario worth avoiding. Typically, what starts off as your neutral observation of an argument or dispute, turns into you being labeled as taking one side over the other. Once an interpretation of you taking sides … Read more

How to Deal With Friends Who Hold You Back

The friendships you develop in life will help you navigate it. Apart from our apparent primal need to seek comradery and social connection, friendships also contribute to our personal growth. The friends you develop in the professional realm will allow you to take advantage of opportunities you may not have had access to alone. Friends … Read more