How People Manipulate You by Regulating Their Presence (Flopping, No-Show)

Your physical presence isn’t likely to be something you’ve considered useful in making you more powerful. Those with sociopathic tendencies however, examine and exploit every facet of their existence; including the amount of time they spend with you. Individuals who seek to come out on top in every situation begin to understand the power of … Read more

Why Your Reactions to Others’ Bluffs Are More Important Than You Think

Bluffs riddle the humorous times you experience. People often jokingly attempt to prank us by bluffing. They’ll exaggerate, embellish, and overplay certain truths in an effort to analyze your reaction to those truths. Your reactions to others’ bluffs can be an education on your how you deal with life’s surprises. Bluffs are thereby a sort … Read more

How to Critique Something Others Love

There will be times when you have to shut down others’ good ideas, reject their propositions, and critique the things they’ve worked hard in building. On the road toward the best ideas, auxiliary ones will fall by the wayside. They’ll be sacrificed for better ones to rise up and become the norm. As a facilitator … Read more

Why You Hate Your Neighbor / Roommate… And How To Stop

The hatred that is born when a relationship with a neighbor or a roommate is severed, tends to burn real hot. Some of the most heated disagreements people get into are ones with neighbors, roommates, and others with whom they cohabitate. You may have landed on this article following a heated disagreement with a neighbor in … Read more

How to Handle Stress-Inducing Coworkers and Classmates

The workplace is a common source of stress. We often have deadlines to hit, stakeholders to interact with, and products to implement with success. Mix personal agendas and egos in, and the recipe is often perfect for the build-up of high stress levels. Your coworkers, classmates, and other acquaintances can be primary sources of stress … Read more

Why Conflict Can Be a Good Thing for Your Growth

Just as conflicts with others are difficult to avoid, conflicts with oneself are almost sure to present themselves. Getting up in the morning is hard when your dreams aren’t panning out. Looking in the mirror is tough when you don’t like what you see, and dealing with the shortcomings of those you live with is … Read more

Why Damaging Remarks Are More Painful When Shrouded in Kindness

This article hopes to explore why painful comments are most effective when they’re sandwiched between compliments. This is an effort to help you see signs of people who attempt to cause damage. This write up provides reasons for why saying things in a specific order is effective in eliciting pain, but it is not an advocacy for you … Read more

How to Defend Yourself Against Malicious Video Edits

This article will center around video interviews. You may have noticed the tendency for the public to request full, unedited interviews with public figures for the purpose of transparency. This ask is being driven by the behavior of those supplying video content to edit their clips in ways that perpetuate an agenda. Though the general public … Read more

How to Deal With Unfair Moderators on Reddit

What Reddit Is Reddit is a popular news, discussion, and information sharing website. In its entirety, are a collection of communities which users can participate in by commenting on others’ posted content, or posting their own content to be discussed by others. Reddit aggregates these various communities into a whole, but does not itself produce … Read more