Why Your Weaknesses Will Be Exploited

If you are an honest human being, you know that you have weaknesses that need work. These weaknesses are what make you work hard in order to hopefully overcome them, day in and day out. The insecurities that you hold are extremely visible to those around you. Thereby if you have identified a weakness of yours, you … Read more

How to Conceal Your Plans and Deflect Personal Questions

Summary Deflection is rooted in detachment. Study the mechanism of detachment (minimizing plans, putting things into context, making your opinions seem insignificant) to motivate others in buying the deflection. Expose what is not important to you or your plans in shiny packages. Fulfill people’s desires to know while distracting them from the full story. Argue … Read more

How to Deal With Being Ignored and Establish Communication

This article presents things you can do when you find yourself receiving the silent treatment and being ignored. Those in your social circle may be ignoring your calls and texts, whilst those you’re in a relationship with can become abusive in their acts of dishing out the silent treatment. In some instances, you may very … Read more

How Social Justice Causes Can Be Weaponized by Those in Power

Improved and instant communication has strengthened individuals’ capacity to start grassroots movements, hold corporations accountable, and generally speak truth to power. Social justice causes, movements, and ideologies have the capacity to become adopted swiftly. Enemies can be formed by causes of a particular nature / leaning. Individuals subscribing to the respective cause tend to adopt … Read more

Why You Should Cancel Out Others’ Intuition

There may have been times when you’ve witnessed your intuition being correct. Whether it was about someone you couldn’t trust, or about a dog you shouldn’t pet, our intuitive feelings often prove to serve for our own benefit. Whether you want to analyze intuition scientifically and label it as pattern recognition, or take the more … Read more

Why You Should Handle Deception in a Subtle Way

Catching the stench of deception emanating from someone you trust is devastating. Deceptive tendencies are unfortunately ingrained in the daily operation of many individuals around you. Upon getting a whiff of untrustworthiness from someone, you’ll inevitably have some decisions to make. The principal decision that’ll be staring you in the face would be whether you should make … Read more