Steve Jobs: Three Actionable Traits of His Influence

Steve Jobs’ influence reached into the homes of billions around the world. He was a person who was essential in morphing what was once a bodiless idea into one of the wealthiest corporations to ever exist. An article on this site will not do Jobs’ influential traits any justice. He was a visionary, a stellar businessman, and most importantly, a person who had an exceptional understanding of consumer psychology. He was rebellious and was not shy in voicing darker truths. Accounts of his personality stem from experiences of his brilliance to the effects of his brutality. However, there is noContinue reading

One Mistake Justin Trudeau Made Addressing the Toronto Van Attack

The day after a scary and unprecedented attack on innocent people which garnered international attention, the Prime Minister of Canada gave an address on the matter. He did a fine job in communicating and maintaining the solidarity that the people of Toronto operate by. Trudeau made an effort to thank those who helped the victims of this van attack, both emergency personnel and regular civilians. He continued to mention the great calm with which emergency personnel responded in an effort to mitigate the situation.  So what was missing from his address? It seems like he said all the right thingsContinue reading

Three Traits of Influence You Can Learn From Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson has attained vast success in the expansion and adoption of his thinking. Make no mistake about it, the majority of his influence stems directly from the content of the ideas he presents. Powerful ideas require extraordinary amounts of thinking, studying, analyzing, and testing. It is evident that Jordan Peterson has spent a lifetime enhancing the ideas which he presents. He carries with him the experience of practicing as a clinical psychologist, working as professor, and writing prolifically. His ideas are powerful enough to travel vastly, and the ability to think those thoughts cannot be taught with a singleContinue reading

Marlon Brando’s Habits of Influencing Others

Despite being one of Hollywood’s most popular leading men for numerous decades, Marlon Brando had an uncanny ability to surprise his interviewers – as well as listeners – with his introspective and humble ways of speaking. Living up to, and exceeding, the expectations he carried with him is a difficult thing to do. People idolize and respect Hollywood superstars before they begin speaking and showing their true colors. Being able to live up to those expectations as well as provide substance and perhaps some lessons along the way is an ability that one should study and implement for themselves. ThisContinue reading

3 Tips for Increasing Influence You Can Learn From Vladimir Putin

Disclaimer: We have no affiliations with Russia, Putin. We do not endorse his politics, tactics, strategy, or actions. To get better at learning things from those you analyze, be realistic about which aspects of their behavior you can adopt immediately and which habits have been shaped by years of practice and hard work. This case study will highlight a select few seconds from various video clips of Vladimir Putin. We will highlight and expand on three small, and possibly unnoticed aspects of his behavior towards others. These tips are powerful because you can adopt them instantly, without needing to becomeContinue reading